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  1. Thanks Glen, panic over, my Dad was dealing with it and didn't realise the seats were blocked out as they were reserved to us already. Amazing what sentimental value you can attach to a place where you sit. On the subject of pricing, and my view for what it's worth; a price hike is as frustrating to me as it is anyone else, but if ever a club needed its supporters to put their hands in their pockets and help out then this year is it, so I am reasonably ok to pay the price. Realise that is not an easy option for everyone and doesn't excuse some of the poor communication or handli
  2. Tried to renew our usual seats, and the seats we have had every year since the stadium was rebuilt have already gone. Has anyone else experienced this? (One seat in particular carries a high degree of sentimental value so we would be upset to lose it).
  3. Here's a nice and simple one for a player who needs a song, memorable, catchy tune too, can imagine this on the terraces: (To the tune of 'Let it Be') Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambeeee Ryan is a Rover, Nyambe, Nyambe...
  4. How would you know what contributions other have made to the cause or what work has been done behind the scenes in relation to uncovering this criminal mess? There are things going on behind the scenes at a level you will never understand and you boycotting games and abusing fans outside Ewood who won't listen to your immature and petulant views will make no difference I promise you. The whole 'if you disagree with me you must like Venkys' argument is puerile and beyond boring. As a long time visitor and one time contributor to this site I can tell you that you belong to a small cliche of indi
  5. This is why this site is a million miles behind what it was ten years ago. Get back to boycotting and pretending it isn't apathy or an outlet for something else.
  6. Very surprised as the food has always been excellent when I have been, but I think you have hit the nail on the head with your assessment of what the place has become. Sadly (or not for the muppets that keep forking out) the kind of people who go there will continue to go there to be seen adn eat the food whether it is good or not. And you are right, good, bad or indifferent, £180 is just nuts...
  7. I agree that there could be a conflict of interest, although it would depend on the person(s) doing the writing to understand what is and what isn't acceptable to write. What I did was pretty much totally uncensored although I do admit that I deliberately had my blue and white tinted specs on, as this kind of viewpoint was what I felt the paper/website needed. Although my views on the Trust for example, have been less than complimentary on here, I would wind my neck in for the sake of the paper, and yet still try to raise the relevant points in a fair, and more importantly non-libellous way.
  8. Fair point, there is a lot of loadsamoney in there too, including one chap who I got talking to with a Rovers family link who was fine...just a lot of people who think to much of themselves in there sadly. It is amazing what a couple of quid can do to some people. I have probably never eaten better in this country but prepare to remortgage when the bill comes!
  9. Great news and a big opportunity for the LT to get someone in who can make the paper a "must read" for Rovers fans again. As a kid I used to make scrap books out of all the old Telegraph reports and transfer gossip and it really was quality reading. Trust me when you can actually look back to the stuff written 15 years ago you can really see the difference to now. What I would like to see is a lot more opinion and exclusive interviews, a bit like the Jansen interview the other day, as well as the current run of rehashed national stories and stuff nicked off here. There is no reason why the L
  10. Absolutely phenomenal food but same problem as the new Bulls Head at Wilpshire, full of pretentious, well off, badly dressed new money.
  11. He was still there when I last wrote for them in around March. Nice guy but I never really got the feeling that they were all that interested in Rovers, or in supporting what I did, despite it being popular.
  12. Similarly, when I wrote my column over the past 18 months, I felt that I was the only one really flying the flag for Rovers, and it really showed whenever I wrote something it went straight to the top of the "most read" table on the website. I always tried to put the emphasis on what I wrote very firmly on being from a partisan fans point of view, and no one elses and I think the paper/website is desperately missing this angle now. The sad thing is that I was happy to do all of this for free but in the end I just kind of felt that the paper wasn't that interested whether I submitted a piece or
  13. Why would Lucash go to Gala when West Ham are clearly one of the biggest and best teams in the world? Oh wait, the money...
  14. My little boy who is 3 idolises Brad Friedel and has been after a keepers top for some time. The smallest ones the club had on sale at the recent sell off were small boys (age 7ish) and drowned him...does anyone know of, or want to sell a Rovers keepers top that may fit a 3/4 year old and are they even sold at all? Thanks.
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