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  1. Cheers, apparently they are available from the North Stand ticket office. Meeting at the market porter in borough market if you fancy a pint
  2. RIP Kelbo. A great, balanced contributor to this message board.
  3. you coming sat?

  4. I was at the Stoke game and didn't see any ' life threatening' behaviour, but sady one man lost his life through high jinks, nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Not in my experience - still the same old racist crap sung by scrotes.
  6. Hi mate, sorry for the delay in getting that image to you, having a problem with my pc, will be with you asap, geting it back in the morning from the repair shop

  7. Sanny, Gutted you feel that way, but I understand. Not sure if I will attend an away game for a while. Being at Stoke on saturday and the tragic events have had real impact on me, and I dont really know how to express it. RIP to John. One Love BRFC
  8. I was at this game, and bought two plastic bottles of beer before the game. The tops were removed "as they could be used as a missile" How the hell can it be possible to use a bin as a missile but a bottle top is forbidden? Why was the bin not firmly fixed to the ground? I am devestated to hear the news of this lad passing away, devastated. What is the point of stewards if they stand to one side and watch this unfold? Unbelievable set of circumstances. RIP Fella, and to Preston Blues nephew
  9. Who knows Aggy, but they ball seem to smell of chip fat and haribo, and look like they have a penchant for horse tranquilisers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. I agree. Sambo is a young lad but I have always found his posts well worth reading. There were plenty of scrotes there today, but to me, those same people are the ones that now frequent Blackburn on friday and saturday night. The new Blackburn Youth does not compare with the original.
  11. Went today. Left gobsmacked with 20 minutes left. Football was @#/? but paled into insignificance after this. WTF is going on? I really hope the lad makes a full recovery and the cocknose that did it receives what he deserves.
  12. Anyone tried Pond in Preston yet? I love tapas and this has been recommended. Ta!
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