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  1. Why would you think he'd walk? He's here until the bitter end this bloke.
  2. I think we'll come out and beat these convincingly, like we beat Wigan 3-0 at home a couple of years back after we had just lost 6 out of 7. Unfortunately though, the cycle then starts again.
  3. I'd say the last appointment of intent was Lambert, most were genuinely excited with him, and to be honest if he was given over 4 years, with the same backing and not having to sell anyone i'm pretty sure he would have done what Mowbray has. Probably would have avoided league one too. I think out of your list its "A" or an even worse option "B" is that Venus just takes charge for a bit.
  4. Yep, oddly he left us and got a move to the premier league!
  5. How long until we get to the stage under these 3 berks and venkys that Ewood is "no longer viable" for "a club our size who only get 5k attendances" and we are sold a vision of a new stadium somewhere only to end up ground sharing with Wigan "whilst it's in development" or something? A bit dramatic but the parallels with Coventry seem scary to me.
  6. Mowbray's eventual successor will be Mark Venus. "You will be in good hands with Mark Venus" Mowbray will say as he departs. The whole club stinks at the minute, and I just can't see it changing.
  7. Do you not find it odd that there wasn't some huge gushing tribute to him yesterday with it being his 4th anniversary? Even scrolling through twitter his biggest fan Benno and co haven't even piped up.
  8. We'll draw the next two I reckon to keep him ticking over.
  9. Maybe not a venkys shill, but you see one of the advantages of the scheme that we'll cut staff costs so effectively a thumbs up on people maybe losing there jobs?
  10. It didn't come up last season as it never looked a possibility. I dont think it is this season either, looking at that photo of Hulls drop last season though does put it in your mind a little though.
  11. So it is i read it the wrong way around! I'm sure Mowbray would put some spin on it another way though, more blocked shots or more possession or something.
  12. One point more in Lampards season though. Imagine that under Mowbray, it would be hailed as fantastic progress.
  13. Ipswich is too far away from his beloved Boro, no chance he would go there.
  14. Considering he is the most decent, honest and honourable man in the game though surely he could just walk away like he did at Coventry? I think we all.know why that won't happen though.
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