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  1. Forgetting that huge point against the mighty Coventry there. Even if we did lose them all though I think covid will have halted Rotherham momentum from the other night, and we'll scrape another few points in our last 6 or so after the international break. It's next season I'm more concerned about really.
  2. Why wouldn't they? Best gig in football at the minute.
  3. Yep it crossed my mind then too, although to be fair it took another 12 months before I had decided for definite that he wasn't the right man. It might have only been the third division, but unless you are one of the elite clubs, how many times do you get to see your team win a league title? It should have been pursued and cherished.
  4. Really good choice as a rep for this message board. I think most of the questions I would like asking have already been mentioned in this thread, looking forward to seeing what the responses are.
  5. Can't wait for the spin at the end of the season. "Well he kept us up, what more do you want? Be realistic FFS"
  6. Remember we drew 1-1 with a rock bottom Blackpool who were miles adrift at Ewood in Feb 2015. It was obvious from that day that we weren't going to achieve anything under Bowyer yet it took them until November to do anything. That season was skewed by a decent cup run. For Mowbray, after the opening day defeat against Charlton last season I knew he was done. The owners are getting slower for me.
  7. Completey agree. My point was that for everyone who seems to think Mowbray is or has been the clubs saviour, he hasn't even achieved what Bowyer has yet.
  8. Thats because it doesn't suit the Mowbray is the best thing since sliced bread narrative.
  9. Think it went - ke*n, Black, Berg, Bowyer, Appleton, Bowyer in that season. Everyone lords up Mowbray for inheriting a mess of a club from Coyle, but I'd always argue that Bowyer (and by no means am I a fan of his) inherited just a big a mess as Mowbray, maybe even bigger during/after that 12/13 season. The only difference being that Mowbray has had the luxury of a third division promotion season to really skew opinion of him where as Bowyer (who actually achieved his first task of keeping us up) didn't. Bowyer finished 8th and 9th with 70 & 67pts respectively with much less tran
  10. Why would you think he'd walk? He's here until the bitter end this bloke.
  11. I think we'll come out and beat these convincingly, like we beat Wigan 3-0 at home a couple of years back after we had just lost 6 out of 7. Unfortunately though, the cycle then starts again.
  12. I'd say the last appointment of intent was Lambert, most were genuinely excited with him, and to be honest if he was given over 4 years, with the same backing and not having to sell anyone i'm pretty sure he would have done what Mowbray has. Probably would have avoided league one too. I think out of your list its "A" or an even worse option "B" is that Venus just takes charge for a bit.
  13. Yep, oddly he left us and got a move to the premier league!
  14. How long until we get to the stage under these 3 berks and venkys that Ewood is "no longer viable" for "a club our size who only get 5k attendances" and we are sold a vision of a new stadium somewhere only to end up ground sharing with Wigan "whilst it's in development" or something? A bit dramatic but the parallels with Coventry seem scary to me.
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