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  1. If someone had told you at the start of the season that Brereton and Gallagher would have double figures between them by the end of September you would think they meant September 2022. Fair play to them, our side looks much more consistent at the moment, and that's because Mowbray doesn't have loads of players to keep happy anymore so he's been forced to play his strongest 11 every game. Don't think we'll lose tonight, feel likes it got a draw written all over it but I wouldn't be surprised to see us snatch a win. I think Saturday will be the banana skin with a big following going, and the vast majority probably expecting to win comfortably no doubt.
  2. To be honest though there is nothing worse than the "I know something but I'm not telling you" posts.
  3. If you are walking out feeling empty after winning games I would say that says more about you than Big Sam's style of football. I loved that 9-10 season, only 3 home defeats all season, including beating Arsenal and drawing with the other 3 of of the "big 4", good away wins at Bolton and Burnley, plus a league Cup Semi final run. Night and day to anything we have experienced since.
  4. Ourselves and Utd got the exact same amount of points after Cantona was suspended, so we were better than them when he was available. A common myth that we only won the league because he got suspended, up there with buying the title etc.
  5. Cant imagine him signing a new contract unfortunately.
  6. He's only gone out on loan for a month to be fair. I thought Carter did well as a stand in right back to be honest.
  7. Preston will be £36 to sit in the Blackburn End so you can rule that out. Barnsley & Huddersfield, make both games £20 adults in all areas £1 kids
  8. Rich Sharpe has said that Rovers have asked the question, can't see anything else other than that.
  9. If they were dark days what on earth do you call the last 10 years since he left?!
  10. Long, long time ago that was. No wonder Mowbray says he doesn't worry about contracts or ask for them, him and his mate will probably just draw there own up. Noticed he's 57. I reckon he will want to stick it out until he's 60 then retire.
  11. I remember reading something vague a long time ago that they were "Man Utd fans". It'll never, ever happen anyway.
  12. First away game for me since January 2020 so looking forward to the day out. Have to agree though, the usual within a sniff of the top 6 collapse will happen here. Barnsley 2 Rovers 0
  13. @K-Hod surely this wasn't the answer to the above question? Did anyone press him further on the ticket price issue?
  14. I don't envy that at all. Bet he's a right bore.
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