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  1. Always remember the bloke on the fans forum who told Waggot that they should make the prices higher and market it as "buy before 12pm on match day to get £3 off" So I reckon they have done that, surely they can't be sticking an extra £3 on those prices if someone decides to go on the day.
  2. With only a year left on his contract. Could be in more demand than AA.
  3. Bolton will have bigger gates than us next season and are a club back on the up. I would happily go through what they have and come out better for it if it got rid of these ridiculous owners and the conmen they employ.
  4. My Riverside ticket has gone up by £80 from when I last bought one in 2019. I would say that's a substantial rise.
  5. The very thought of a move from Blackpool to Blackburn Rovers being "sideways" should be absolutely laughable. Unfortunately, under Mowbray and Waggott it's probably a backwards step never mind sideways
  6. You would think he would remember who gave him his Rovers debut 😂 It was Harford not Hodgson, still it was a decent listen/watch. A shame he never came back to Ewood I remember him being linked when he went to Stoke but doesn't appear it was close according to him.
  7. Not that anyone at Ewood probably realises but Brereton Diaz's contract is up next summer. Probably needs signing up soon to protect the "investment".
  8. Rich Sharpe has stated in his latest article that the club plan to announce ST plans this week apparently.
  9. Bradford have already confirmed they won't be allowing Rovers fans in. Guessing that all friendlies wont be allowing away fans in?
  10. Bradley Orr 😂 Christ we might aswell appoint ke*n to replace Mowbray while we're at it.
  11. All true and fair I would say. 11 Years later with these idiots though, continually making the same mistakes. I just can't blame the trust for that in 2021, venkys have had more than enough time to learn about what it takes to run a football club properly.
  12. Don't get me wrong they are nice, especially love the two away ones. The home ones annoy me that the blue and white isn't correct though, minor gripe I know.
  13. But again, even if that's the case, how would they know he isn't good enough unless they take him over and closely watch him in training for two weeks beforehand? Or should they be using "data" to see if he is good enough rather than seeing him up close with there own eyes?
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