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  1. Jordan Rhodes ended up with 83 league goals for us, be interesting to see how high up he is in our all time goalscorers.
  2. I think (someone will be able to correct me if wrong) but I'm sure I read recently that our worst ever run of form is 1 win in 17, so a few more to go until he has that honour.
  3. I still don't see Mowbray and co going anywhere at the minute despite the good news with the training ground.
  4. Not necessarily, having experience in this field that statement is used regularly, sometimes it can be used as a face saving statement and sometimes it can be that they will go away and tweak it to try again in the future. Hopefully it is the former.
  5. Apart from the Easter weekend Cardiff have looked really good under McCarthy since he went there. The only thing going for us is that they might be on the beach a little bit now the play offs look a bit out of sight for them. 1-1 and all is well in Mowbray land again.
  6. I keep seeing people say things like this on social media and just have to ask, why? Any manager who has seen Mowbray plod on for 4 years without a hint of pressure, decent backing and never having to sell his best players would want some of that. What manager wouldn't want that? Hell, If you play your cards right you can even employ your boss. Whenever the manager job comes up, I think there would be loads of interest, possibily from people we didn't think would be attainable. Of course who venkys and there "advisors" actually go for is a different story.
  7. We always say this though, then a performance/result like the Milwall game comes out of nowhere. Just by law of averages, we'll get another 3/4 points this season to crawl to safety. Next season is the worry unless changes happen.
  8. I wouldn't disagree with that and in some ways it could be a godsend. I don't trust the current management to adequately replace them though.
  9. Nyambe (one year option) JRC Bennett Bell Evans Johnson Downing Holtby Rothwell (one year option) Chapman (one year option) Plus Elliot, Trybull, Douglas, THB, Branthwaite all go back to there parent clubs. Doesn't leave a great deal left.
  10. "MG asked whether the club would be engaging with fans about ideas for the return to Ewood Park and about how season tickets would work for 21/22. SW said he wanted to get a group of fans together to discuss all these issues and asked LT to look at setting up a first meeting before the end of March" Did this ever happen?
  11. I think the 9 defeats in 11 is our worst run of form since the war. This 1 win in 13 must be running it close though over a longer period.
  12. Looks like we have a one year extension option on Chapman that we'll be taking up.. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/transfer-news/blackburn-shrewsbury-harry-chapman-contract-20302279
  13. Plus Sharpe wasn't there during that debacle, it was Andy Cryer, who wasn't the best but I'm not sure he really cared about upsetting the club.
  14. Rich Sharpe and Andy Bayes won't be interested in that. That Jaquob seems like a bit of a loose cannon though so you might get something out of him.
  15. Think he's out of contract this summer so I wouldn't expect to see him play for Rovers again.
  16. Why Mowbray at the time? Sacked by Celtic and Middlesbrough, before leaving Coventry in league ones after 10 games without a win. He turned out to be a good fit for small while though didn't he, who says Stendal couldn't do the same?
  17. It can be done, my lad was born in 2010, started taking him 2015 and he loves it. Looked forward to going the games each week pre covid no matter how we were playing, comes the odd away game with me too so looks forward to seeing new grounds etc. Getting to the point where he bangs on about formations now and where/ how certain players should play. Of course whether he keeps this up into his teens and adult life is another question, but he's certainly made a good start.
  18. Stefan Mols back in the Rovers u23 side today.
  19. I'm not convinced venkys know there own contact details never mind anyone else being able to get hold of them.
  20. We probably do, but for Dack himself its a master stroke. Imagine if he hadn't signed and tried to test the market then this happens. By the time he's back he will only have one season left under contract.
  21. Unless we somehow go up next season of course... More likely he will be competing for a third league one player of the season award if the Coventry clowns are still here though 😔
  22. Realistically then we're probably looking at the opening day of the 22/23 season before he's fully fit and starting again. I'd write next season off to be honest and get himself right before rushing back.
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