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  1. He's only gone out on loan for a month to be fair. I thought Carter did well as a stand in right back to be honest.
  2. Preston will be £36 to sit in the Blackburn End so you can rule that out. Barnsley & Huddersfield, make both games £20 adults in all areas £1 kids
  3. Rich Sharpe has said that Rovers have asked the question, can't see anything else other than that.
  4. If they were dark days what on earth do you call the last 10 years since he left?!
  5. Long, long time ago that was. No wonder Mowbray says he doesn't worry about contracts or ask for them, him and his mate will probably just draw there own up. Noticed he's 57. I reckon he will want to stick it out until he's 60 then retire.
  6. I remember reading something vague a long time ago that they were "Man Utd fans". It'll never, ever happen anyway.
  7. First away game for me since January 2020 so looking forward to the day out. Have to agree though, the usual within a sniff of the top 6 collapse will happen here. Barnsley 2 Rovers 0
  8. @K-Hod surely this wasn't the answer to the above question? Did anyone press him further on the ticket price issue?
  9. I don't envy that at all. Bet he's a right bore.
  10. I thought after the 95th minute on Saturday that we were nailed on for the start of another Mowbray death spiral, so last night was a welcome surprise. See how we get on until the next international break, I reckon we'll take 4 points from the next 4.
  11. That might be true, but it might not be for the reasons you think.
  12. It's on one of the main sky sports channels tonight.
  13. They could have changed any of that that, at any time they want.
  14. Remember it's always a "Minimum" amount of time that's added on at the end of the game. Baffles me how folk still can't grasp that.
  15. Mowbray will probably stick him in the bench if he is, stating some nonsense about how we have been preparing without him so he can't possibly play.
  16. Suprised "League one runners up" isn't in bold at the end with a picture of Mowbray's face on it.
  17. Unless I'm missing something, the only thing the Chilean FA seem to be doing is punishing there own player by applying these sanctions so he can't play? It's not like he's refused to go out there. I find the whole thing very odd.
  18. Yet they can have a "comedy night" at Blues to full capacity? Think they are hiding behind covid as an excuse to be honest.
  19. I won't hold my breath, put can somebody on the forum please ask at the next fans forum who on earth thought it would be a good idea to charge someone £3 to get into Blues pre match after 1pm? Ridiculous.
  20. Change to Blues Bar membership and entry for Home games... https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/september/Blues-Bar-membership-and-entry-update/ £3 to get in for non members after 1pm 😳
  21. 😂 I do get your point though, Hughes, Short and Berg were invaluable in that season, and Berkovic for me was an incredible signing that helped get us over the line.
  22. Yep. Two lads who I go Ewood with look at me like I've got two heads when I dare to criticise him. Neither of them have been on brfcs in there lives, think this place would terrify them to be honest.
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