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  1. Looks like Morrison will go in Jan and i hope hes replaced by Freddie Eastwood or Nugent.
  2. What strengths? All he does is;Runs around alot like a headless chicken,Always two yards of the pace,Waves his arms around a lot and is flat-footed................
  3. Lack of creativity,They were clueless from where i was sitting last night.
  4. Dear Mr Hughes, I have kept the receipt for Pookey or whatever his name is, Is their any Chance we could get our money back or swap him for Benni McCarthy. You have ripped us off, He reminds me of Akinbiyi or Adebola. The Chairman Simon Jordan had this to say to me"I have spent the last two seasons watching that pillock Dowie making the defence pump high balls to a miget.Now we are pumping high balls to a carthorse who just nods it down and loses it.Whats the point in that? Please help before i get the tintac.
  5. When matty left us we were in admin and needed to sell.Rovers paid about 4million for him and at that time, We needed the money to keep us afloat. He did do well for us and scored some good goals.
  6. Played his best football for palace, We got a good deal for him.Good-luck.
  7. 2.5million is a lot of dosh for a sub but if he can change the outcome of a game by coming on and scoreing it is money well spent. We are at home to coventry on saturday, so it will be interesting to see what happens weather he plays from the start or hes on the subs bench.
  8. He needed a kick up the arse and what a time to score the winning goal.
  9. This message board is tops and what makes it tops is the fans. I have been on other messageboards to get info about players and games and most of them give out abuse. 10 out of 10.
  10. Kuqi is abit of a donkey,Hes got no pace and against luton he didnt look very fit. I think you saw jordan coming.
  11. Palace never do well when i listen to them on the radio.
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