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  1. Branthwaite dodged a red card (might've been yellow) and a penalty. We would have been screaming for it if it had been the other way around. As Mowbray said he is a young lad and there was no intent that I could see but the ref missed it. However to see how Warnock behaved at the end of the game was very poor. I've seen him send players out to kick an opposition player out of the game and he is an exponent of intimidating the opponents with niggly fouls and off the ball trips and pulls, he's used that successfully at every club he has been at. He is like Allardyce, effective but very ugl
  2. I can understand why there was a change of positions in the front three, we all knew that Pulis would have done his preparation and playing Armstrong wide with Elliott as a false 9 was worth a go but that needed to change earlier when it was clear that progress wasn't being made. Brereton has been missed, he carries the ball in a way that Gallagher can't and has much more movement. Bearing in mind how Brereton has been slaughtered by many on this forum in previous seasons it shows players can change opinions by performances, he also has youth on his side. I'm also sure that Dack would h
  3. Excellent performance, several players are now beginning to shine - Brereton, Wharton, Gallagher. Really delighted to see Wharton handling the physical side well. WE need to take this performance into the next two home games, Barnsley and Millwall need to be dealt with just as effectively. TM is going to have some selection headaches now. Preston were lucky to get nil.
  4. Nice to see a midfielder from abroad with long flowing locks passing the ball about - a poor mans Tugay perhaps?
  5. Going well at the moment, Rovers deserve the lead. Rafferty paid the price for being wrong side.
  6. Never had a real hatred of PNE, plenty of mates supported them and we shared a dislike of Burnley. Mind you it may be that I was influenced by one of the funnier events I saw at a game back in the 70's. I was in the enclosure (or whatever it was called at Deepdale - might have been the paddock) with a couple of mates. Before the game kicked off there was a sparse crowd in there, a mixture of Blue and Whites, and North Enders. Stood at the front was a couple, Rovers fans, late middle-aged with the lady carrying a big hand-bag. Behind them was a semi-inebriated Prestonian who, not surprisin
  7. Evans had a much better 2nd half against Forest (1st half was pants) when the formation moved to him and Johnson acting as defensive midfielders. I'd expect the same tonight with Holtby being the key pivot on the attack. I'd expect the intention to be to keep it tight for the first half but who knows really ......
  8. That's a poor half, too many sloppy passes and a very pedestrian midfield performance. I have to think that might be down to the mix of the midfield 3. Evans does look off it at the moment. Credit to Hughton who's got Forest well organised which is putting Rovers off. Armstrong is dealing with scraps and if anyone looks likely at the moment it's Brereton. Need more dynamism and slick passing in midfield if we are going to get anything today, more worried that Forest look the more likely.
  9. I agree it takes a whole season before the jury is out, but so far so good. The point I was trying to make is that we went into this transfer window needing a CM and another CB, Johnson and Holtby are, in my opinion, showing we don't need another CM, Williams form excludes the need of another CB. The signings made look very promising with Dolan a wildcard win at the moment - I know, too early to tell .... Extrapolate your 'pointless' comment and you could say anything on this Board is pointless
  10. We do have a new player being added to the squad before December - I believe he's called Bradley Dack ......... The player who really needs to buckle down and perform consistently and effectively in the current structure is Joe Rothwell. You have to say Bradley Johnson has been a revelation this season and Lewis Holtby is looking like the player we hoped he would be. Both have stepped up a level in consistency and effectiveness from last season. Joe Rothwell shows potential, is exciting when he carries the ball forward in the final third but is inconsistent and if I was facing a firing
  11. I thought Brereton had a good half, different view I guess. The Cardiff set up is intended to stifle Rovers and it's ended u[p with the strikers needing to work with scraps. Rothwell needs to be more varied, he's great when he is attacking players but he just has to 'beat' another man .......
  12. Very solid from Brereton, looks stronger and has provided an outlet when needed. Perhaps his adoption of a hairstyle of Danny Graham is the key?
  13. Fair comment, Williams looks composed and in position when needed. Given the aerial blitz early on that is a very positive performance.
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