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  1. I can't believe how flat I feel about this game, my predictions? Dominate the possession 60-40 - Have less shots on target - Fail to score from a set-piece (as usual) - Concede from a corner. Manager pointing to some good performances and how close we are to winning whilst bemoaning his paucity of attacking talent available. So 1-0 to Cardiff, I definitely hope to be proved wrong. Hopefully the teams below us will stumble, we just have to end up with three below us come the end of the season ............ At least Shane Duffy isn't in the team
  2. Another game where the possession stats favour Rovers, shame that the stat that matters is based on goals. I'm beginning to look below us in the table and hope results go our way. The one record that looks like being set is the poorest performance by a team that didn't lead to a change of manager .......
  3. It's not the first or the last time a manager is thought by his players as being a 'good' bloke, England u-21s have a similar problem with Adie Boothroyd who is equally inept and equally unsackable. The loans have been a mixed bag, Douglas has been a huge disappointment to me, Harwood-Bellis and Elliott have been good, Branthwaite is no better than the lads we have out on loan, Trybull has yet to show consistency. Brereton and Gallagher have the misfortune of being shoe-horned into a system they will never shine in, I'm not convinced they are as bad as Mowbray is making them look.
  4. So, does this sound familiar - Dominate the possession 69% Have just 2 shots on target (same as Wycombe) Concede from a set-piece. Same old, same old. Sod possession and focus on effectiveness. Lots of people hated Allardyce and his game plan but he worked on what delivered results, this isn't Strictl;y Come Dancing where points are awarded for style. It's about putting the bloody ball in the back of the bloody net Tony!!!!!
  5. Do you think Gareth Ainsworth would swap spots with Mowbray? Much cooler guy and a Rovers fan.
  6. I don't know why everyone is so negative, we have had 64% possession - isn't that how the result is decided on ........... Oh, it's something to do with scoring more goals than the opposition is it?
  7. Tony Mowbray's preference for a particular style is the downfall at the moment. He repeatedly follows his high intensity, possession, passing structure despite the lack of quality, either in the team or the pitch (to be honest the pitch at Barnsley was just as bad) to effectively do that. Add that to the lack of physicality in the team in the midfield or attack and other managers clearly targeting that predictable approach and his inability to read the signs. The team is being burnt out by the number of games and the effort needed to follow his game plan. I am unsurprised by the collection
  8. Typical, I turn the TV off in frustration and Elliott scores. It is still men against boys though and TM ought to look at the stats, Rovers are being outshot 2 to 1. Two young kids at CB look a good two divisions below the Watford attackers. Can't see anything but a defeat unless there is a dramatic change at half-time.
  9. Another day, another defeat. All in a days work for a Rovers fan, give me strength.
  10. Another half to come - it is not pleasurable being a Blue 'n White at the moment but we live in hope. Anyway maybe Mercer might have to go dry if we are lucky ......
  11. This is a difficult one for us all to swallow given the connection between Jack Walker and the wonderful facility Rovers have at Brockhall. An initial planning permission request is a long way from an outcome but there appears to be an intention of cashing in on the assets. Venky's have invested in the Academy before so it raises a question as to whether there is now a different view of the owners. If there is a consolidation and good facilitities remain then we will breathe a sigh of relief but more clarity is needed from the club.
  12. I started watching Rovers seriously as they slowly declined into the third division (first time around), watching a team steadily plummet until Ken Furphy arrived to give some positive direction. Like a lot of football fans I took a sort of perverse pleasure in knowing I was still supporting the Rovers when nearly everyone else had turned their back on them. I watched from the Riverside as a painfully small crowd watched us drop. At the moment it feels like I'm back at having to feel the anguish again, hoping against hope that the corner will be turned. So I will watch the Forest g
  13. Ok, so what did we learn last night? Another team has a pitch as bad as Ewood but they have learned how to compete on it. Gallagher looks more comfortable playing in the central role. Dack (in my opinion through needing to complete his recovery) isn't contributing enough to start a game, particularly in the formation last night where the lack of numbers in midfield where Downing and Travis were playing meant we had to bypass that area and we were vulnerable on every attack. Lenihan feels he has to dive in when he shouldn't, one of the goals occurred when he chose to compete for
  14. I have no idea what team will turn up tonight, what formation, just that they will be wearing Rovers kit! Hopefully Lenihan won't be trying to act as if he is the only centre-half in the team, Branthwaite was very poor the last game but heaven knows why Lenihan wanted to go for balls he should have left to Branthwaite and drop off to cover space. He reminded me of Hendry at the back-end of his time at Ewood when he chased 40:60 balls unsuccessfully. The senior partner doesn't take over the other guys role but gets ready to cover. Rothwell may get another chance, I find him one of th
  15. Signings look sensible, Pickering is a fine left back who can play midfield and doing the business now ensured he came to Ewood rather than another club. Another loan centre back adds the depth we need there, City seem to think a lot of him too. The frequency of fixtures and the desire for intensity in the games is proving a challenge for the current squad. We desperately need some of the injuries to clear up. At least the club found some money to put into the team, lots of other clubs are struggling.
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