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  1. lucky @#/?s... goal in 89th minute... I'm dissapointed with the result. Only one satisfaction i can have this evening is that I predicted very percisely the result - 2:1 for rovers, close to draw. 3 minutes... f....g three minutes :/ eh.. but there is 3 more plays to be done. Wish you the best in future. Maybe I will write some more after I'll see the match in TV
  2. My fault, I missed that. Already changed. If you find more mistakes, make me know them. Still improving my english dudka? we're affraid he will be dangerous... FOR US. Pawel Brożek is injured and he won't play today. His twin brother Piotr is not specially dangerous - although he had much share in our victory against Iraklis in I round of UEFA Cup.
  3. One question from me too - is there a possibility to download all match with english comments after few days? There is a couple of polish sites with football material copied from TV and linked at the net. Don't you know any similar? If you do, just give some PM where I can find it. Pitiful i cannot go to see the match, even in TV but I would like to see it later, somehow. I'd like also to hear english journalists breaking their tonques trying to say "Bwash-cheek-ovsky" "Krree-shawoveetch" and so on should be pretty laughable for me English people speaking polish words is something like Ar
  4. couple more facts that I've forgotten or couldn't write in first post: Wisla's results in UEFACup this year: Wisla vs Mattersburg (Austria) 1:1 away, 1:0 home Wisla vs Iraklis Thessaloniki loss 0:1 @ home, than won 2:0 away after extra time. (after lost first match with Iraklis the club sacked the coach, Dan Petrescu. New one become Dragomir Okuka, who managed to take the revenge in Thessaloniki and provided more creativity in team's attacks.) Other important players, injured after last league match, but today proved to play with Rovers: Nicola Mijajlovic - represents Serbi
  5. Blackburn Rovers clashes Wisła Kraków in UEFA Cup Group Stage. Time: 19th October, 16.45 CET Place: Kraków, 22 Reymonta Street, at Wisla’s Stadium („Stadion Wisły”) Supporters of both clubs pay much attention to this match, both hoping their team to reach a good score at thursday evening. For polish fans it is much clear with whom they will compete, as Premiership is one of the best known leagues in the world. But fans from UK cannot see the opponent on TV or read about east-european football in newspapers. The question arises – who really Wisla is and what should Rovers expe
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