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  1. Doesn't appear to be.... https://www.roverstore.co.uk/away-kit
  2. Not really, we'll be 5 points ahead of Rotherham but still 7 clear of Reading who will be in the bottom 3 as a result. There are a lot of teams below us who all have to win 2 or 3 games to go above us, just can't it happening - fortunately.
  3. According to this, when there is a full midweek round of fixtures all games will be available via the red button plus the one shown on the main channel http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11453079/sky-bet-efl-on-sky-sports-follow-championship-league-one-and-league-two-in-201819 possibly when it’s not a full round of fixtures (movement for postponements) then these are available on ifollow?
  4. There is a pretty good cycle network in Derby and one route that runs down the side of the river at the back of Pride Park. All off road from the house, past PP and into the city center. Moving from somewhere with limited facilities for cyclists its pretty impressive. Your memory is correct on the retail estate though.
  5. Went out on my bike after work, cycled passed Pride Park, saw a few fans mingling outside the stadium and wondered what game was on tonight - presumed it wasn't a first team game. I wish I'd known it was our U23's. Shame, I'd have gone there tonight for my footy fix, from reading above it looked like it was an entertaining game.
  6. I think I'll be taking it back for them to look at. It definitely has 3 significant steps up and down the gears, where mine just has 2 and is supposedly the same equipment. I guess its either a setting issue on the mechanism or they have put the wrong part on. Either way they should be able to sort it - hopefully!!
  7. Thanks Paul. We'll need to take it out again to check when its rubbing, my wife only mentioned it once we got back and its then that I noticed the '3 stages'. It could very well be that she is having to push the gears twice to get it to the correct position and then there is the double click to return to the smaller chainring which is where my perceived 3 stage mechanism is coming from. I'll check it out and then if necessary get to a recommended local independant cycle shop to have a look - its a bit far to Ewood Cycles from Mansfield but thanks for the recommendation. Apart from that I'm
  8. I've just, this weekend, taken the step into cycling. Mainly to get fit but with the ultimate aim of cycling the coast to coast with my wife. I have a quick question though. We went out yesterday for the first time and the chain on my wifes bike is catching and making a bit of a noise. On closer inspection it seams that the mechanism for changing the chain on the large gears (by the pedals) has 3 positions but only 2 cogs resulting in it catching on the mechanism as the chain is never lined up correctly. Is is normal to have 2 cogs but 3 positions? If so I guess its just not been set up corre
  9. Damian Duff's house on the market if anyone has a spare £2.5 million - and wants to move to the North East. Nice looking pad though if anyone is interested in things like that. The photo of the billiard room gives the owners identity away. My link
  10. Clubs must realise though that they may get a better pay day by the home club reducing prices by a bit which will bring in more supporters. It is a tough call for them to make but I feel dropping prices by say a fiver will bring in more gate revenue.
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