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  1. You say that tomphil, but take away the Sharpe element of it and I hear plenty of that kind of stuff at Ewood. 

    ‘Young team’, ‘Crap fans’, ‘no passion’, ‘small club’, ‘fans to blame if we do a Bury’, ‘owners put in a fortune’, ‘who you gonna get better than Mowbray?’, ‘we’ve no money FFS’ (though they’ve just said the owners put in a fortune, so go figure!).

  2. 5 minutes ago, windymiller7 said:

    Whilst I agree that xG is a complete load of old bollocks, it actually still shows here overall that we should've lost the game - 1.32 to 0.2, therefore 1-0 to QPR was about right. So what the hell this Watson fella is on about, I have absolutely no idea!

    "ooh look guys, their xG is really low & much lower than in recent weeks, isn't Tony doing a good job!"

    "no you fecking clown! Look at ours as well!"

    (and yes I am still fuming from last night so anything like this is a red rag to a bull)

    Makes me laugh. He’s pretty much saying his own eyes told him it was fecking crap… but because the xG says so we’d *actshully* performed well!

  3. 10 minutes ago, 1864roverite said:

    Don’t be so silly at no point have I ever posted support for venkys my support is for BRFC and the team ! It’s not my fault if people read what they think they want to read instead of looking at the actual words I wrote 

    You said repeatedly on the Waggott thread that they are doing/have done good things, that we can’t survive without them and things are changing behind the scenes.

    Today you are saying you want them out of the club  - bit of an odd standpoint if we can’t survive without them.

  4. 11 minutes ago, 1864roverite said:

    Sustained campaign ? It’s about finding the truth for the future of the club it’s nothing more than that. I kindly suggest that you reread everything and look at it subjectively 

    So you haven’t been repeatedly telling us how things are now going to change for the better under these owners -even though on that post this morning you stated that you want them to leave?!

    No wonder folk can’t make head nor tail of where you are coming from..

  5. Only quality journalism can have a working business model that includes a paywall - The Times, The Athletic etc in the UK, the big US newspapers. People buy subscriptions for ‘long reads’, in-depth investigative reporting, features, magazines supplements etc etc.

    The LT is obviously in dire straits with the collapse of sales of physical papers, especially at local level and they mustn’t  be able to wash their face with online ads. 

    But the industry has structurally changed and low brow papers and small, stripped out organisations like the LT just won’t get folk taking out subscriptions. As an example, The Sun tried a paywall… lasted about 6 months. There is nothing the LT offers that you can’t get for free on Lancs Live… perhaps the LT won’t exist at all as a stand alone title in a couple of years (it largely doesn’t already with no HQ, a shared editorial operation with Bolton/Bury papers and sub editing in South Wales).


  6. 1 hour ago, 1864roverite said:

    I disagree ! The Oxford game proved fans will come back be it floaters waverers or whatever. Coming out of this pandemic cash is desperately short across the EFL so as the club shows an element of willing the fans should also. It doesn’t take a great deal to see there is serious hatred of venkys and Mowbray and that added together they are a reason why some fans won’t return 

    What are you disagreeing with? Oxford proved that a feel good occasion, party atmosphere and a tenner to get in will get folk in. A normal mid table game in winter won’t be doing that.

    Your post is contradicting itself, Oxford proved that there’s no mass hatred of Venky’s keeping folk away, just a crap team and atmosphere… and we know who to blame for those two realities.

  7. 14 minutes ago, 1864roverite said:

    Just a point here. No one on here has any knowledge of the current wages each player currently commands and therefore it follows that not a single person has any idea as to what was offered in the new contracts, in fact it is pure speculation once again that ranks as unadulterated rubbish. Rovers will have offered deals consummate with their wage structure which is one of the highest in this league (apart from parachute paid clubs and those with a massive income). The fact that the players haven't signed is because they think they can get higher wages at other clubs or they think they are worth premiership wages, which is clearly obvious they are not !

    So nothing to worry about then if the few senior pros we have left are refusing new deals?


  8. You aren’t getting it 1864.

    Most fans who no longer go don’t ‘hate’ the owners and aren’t not going as a result of said hatred. What is actually happening is that they’ve either long moved on to other hobbies  - as happens when you get out of the habit, or as a result of a decade of chronic mismanagement they see an average team, average results, average manager and an empty ground and think ‘nah’.

    And no gimmicky £15 tickets for an odd game or a couple of quid knocked off a midweek game in winter is going to make much difference whilst we forever tread water between about 10th and 18th in the second division (at best). A floating/lapsed fan is a consumer and isn't going to be guilt tripped - ‘play your part!’, ‘get behind the team!’ - into spending their hard earned on what they see as a bang average (and not cheap) product.

  9. 17 hours ago, oldjamfan1 said:

    I see the wee man got himself into a spot of hot water in a radio interview with his views on women in football. Not the first time his almighty big mouth has landed him in bother. Gave us a terrific season on the pitch but an absolute arsehole of a human being off it. 


    He was obviously trying to work his way back into the game, recent media work, new Twitter account etc.

    He’ll have torpedoed that now…

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