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  1. I suppose Bradley Dack being ‘sensational’, is like the club tweeting about the ‘club legend’ in the form of journeyman striker Danny Graham. I thought they’d have been retiring his shirt the way they went on.

    As standards get lower on the pitch, so do those of the fanbase…

  2. Almost 5,500 walk ons is excellent for us, especially as it wasn’t that cheap, still nearly £15 for a run of the mill second division game on a rainy November day.

    That volume of ticket buyers is very seldom seen here, Ewood had always been a ST dominant crowd - the issue is that we’ve lost so many ST holders over the past 3/4 years is that even a big walk up doesn’t pull in a big crowd.

    Now if we still had the 10k+ ST holders of that long and distant era of Gary Bowyer, we’d have seen a crowd well in advance of 20k on Saturday.

    Lose ST holders, lose crowds. Simple.

  3. I see Sky are back promoting this individual (I refuse to even add the link), I thought we’d finally seen the back of the puff pieces that kept emerging on a yearly basis. He won the league with Brunei, ya know! That plucky underdog that happens to be the only club in a sovereign oil state!

    Any other one job management failures you can think of that still gets interviews published in national media a decade on? Wonder how he manages that? 🤔

    Yet, he still can’t get a sniff of a job in the UK, even as a bib and cone man… how odd!

  4. I’ve been a member since day dot, yet I’ve never received a thing, be it in the post or email, the £10 always goes, so I presume I’m still a member!

    Can it be looked into? Happy to DM on here, or is there a specific email address I can contact?

  5. 54 minutes ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

    There’s a list of about half a dozen potential contenders for the Villa job in today’s paper. Hasenhuttl, Gerrard, Fonseca, Hjulmand, Frank, Terry etc. I find it strange that Dyche isn’t even in the running.

    It shows how the game has changed and just how lucky Burnley have got.

    A decade ago, a Villa, West Ham, Everton etc. would have been all over Dyche and that lot would have sunk back to whence they came.

    Now, even a Palace or Southampton wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole, so he can just crack on getting 40-ish points whilst sitting on a mega contract and they can continue to ride the PL gravy train.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Ben Frost said:

    But this sounds like it was a private conversation rather than a broadcast to "whoever's listening". 

    And yes I can imagine that... half of my conversation with JW that evening was about Paul Ince. 

    Well of course it was ‘private’, he didn’t wrestle the microphone off the MC! But he is obviously willing to discuss how the manager has just avoided the sack to whoever he happens to sits down with in the bar.

    Well you obviously remember a much less candid JW than me, yes he loved a gossip, but I don’t ever recall him being as unprofessional as the current incumbent when it comes to his employees.


  7. As I said, the football industry runs on gossip, all fair game.

    And like you, I spent a bit of time with Williams and he loved his ‘off the record’ tidbits, but could you have imagined him in the Premier Suite, just half an hour after a big win saying to whoever’s listening; ‘Greame/Mark/Sam would have been sacked without those three points!’.


  8. 4 minutes ago, Gav said:

    I was once part of a group conversation with John Williams about Benny McCarthy and his attempts to force a move to Chelsea, this is nothing new Matty. 

    Players moving? No problem, always the way, indeed Waggott has been talking about players contracts, agents etc for months to fans - however, saying a long serving manager is about to get sacked after just delivering a big win? Not sure JW would be saying that at 5.15pm to whoever was listening in the suites…

  9. 2 minutes ago, Paul Mani said:

    Why are we all getting our knickers in a twist about how ‘unprofessional’ it may or may not have been? It’s of no consequence to us.


    You are right, and I’m not going to turn down gossip, glad that he had your ear, it’s what makes the football world turn, but it speaks volumes of the calibre of Exec we now have.

  10. 12 minutes ago, chaddyrovers said:

    We aren't random customers but Blackburn Rovers supporters at the end of the day. We are all part of Rovers family. 

    Not really divulge any details of their contract as we all know who is out of contract anyway. No financial details were leaked to Paul. 

    Would you want Waggott to lie to Rovers supporters when asked simple straight forward question? 

    Does the manager deserve to have his boss going round the lounges, just half an hour after a steering his team to a vital win, telling all and sundry that he was about to be sacked from his job?

  11. 33 minutes ago, SuperBrfc said:

    It's the backlash online that has wound him up. He's preparing those fans you mention in the ground to stand up against anybody who calls him out. "Tell them to shut up". The narrative is already being set that anybody who doesn't get behind this young side and criticises Mowbray isn't a proper fan. That's where the division aspect of it comes into it.

    My point is, we are still a mile away from some big groundswell against him anyway. So in no way a comparison to the actual divide and conquer days of Kean or even Allardyce whose mere presence triggered many a row in the stands.

    He’s the most popular manager since Hughes, by a very wide margin, still.

  12. 37 minutes ago, LeftWinger said:



    I used to have loads of players that I felt an affinity with and would always be upset when they left. Not sure if it's my age (37 now) or what Venky's have done to this club, but I can't think of many (if any) players over the last 5 years that I'd have been upset with leaving. Possibly Dack, but not even him now.

    Not your age, I know folk in their 70s and 80s that still rave about, to them, ‘recent’ players like Tugay.

    I too have no affinity with this last decade’s bunch and It’s largely due to most players passing through our doors being journeymen mediocrities.

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