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  1. If it was unwanted I'd start it lower, but I'd much rather keep it than flog it off for nothing Also, that is the going rate for a good quality cut glass decanter roughly
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261341545603 Hi all, I'm selling a BRFC Cut Glass Decanter. Its brand new and comes in a presentation box. Never been used Selling this as I'd like to see it go to someone who will really treasure it. I spend a lot of time abroad so it has spent all of its time in the box, unused and I thought it would be better to offer it to someone. A great xmas present for any rovers fan! Any questions or pics etc do get in touch!
  3. Hi all I want to buy a Blackburn flag (moving abroad, room decoration~) but I vowed not to give the club another penny till Kean goes Anyway, they're £10 on the official site so if anyone has one for sale I'll give you that Thanks Shabani
  4. Roberto Are you the Roberto Policcano who used to play for Latina, Geona, Roma, Torina and Napoli and is a scout on Football Manager?
  5. Steven Drench on trial at York..
  6. Left out of SA's squad for the WC What a waste of all his talent; sort yourself out Benni ffs
  7. For me it's sad to see McCarthy leave in such acrimonious circumstances. Its been the same with other strikers recently, Bellamy, Santa Cruz, they all did well for us then moved on leaving the fans with a bitter taste. If McCarthy had handled himself a bit better then he could have been due a good reception if West Ham play at ewood again. 52 goals in 140 matches isnt half bad for £2.5m. Good luck Benni and i'll remember the good times, particularly that goal against Arsenal
  8. i remember Joel byrom and gary stopforth signing for clitheroe a few years back, pretty much straight after being released (Byrom was at accy for a bit, got released). Byrom was way too good for unibond north and eventually got signed for a four figure sum by a conference side. stopforth has moved to fc united and i think he's still there also conor kavanagh was signed up by clitheroe (former reserve left back), impressing by all accounts
  9. all west ham will get will be a suspended punishment of some sort and a warning to their future behaviour
  10. Why is Simpson playing for the reserves?? he should go back to united and play for their reserves. I'd rather have Kane or Olsson playing full back than that waste of space
  11. Hi im selling the european shirt from 2002's ill-fated uefa cup campaign http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=260272108634 its a mens size large and in v good condition Cheers
  12. can we not have an option of 'i'd rather prefer one drummer, not 3 kids and a man who all try and stay in time with one another but fail'
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