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  1. Indeed. That would be a nice thing to do.
  2. RIP Kelbo You were a better fan than most and I'm very sad to have logged on to here to read this. I'm not going to read anything else on this site today as after reading this the other problems pale in comparison.
  3. Loving it so far. Have played episodes 1-4. Need to download 5. Looking forward to it
  4. Good. Can bang a few goals in and hopefully come back to a real manager.
  5. http://beyondm25.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/specsavers-goalline.jpg
  6. I read somewhere the other day that around 40% of prem players are from the home countries but they account for circa. 60% of the yellow cards for diving this season.
  7. Logical thinking doesn't usually play much part in suicide. That's why it is a problem.
  8. This thread shows how it affects so many people. There is a history of it in my family and it certainly does concern me.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly. It's a nice place to be a member of.
  10. I feel absolutely gutted and I've got tears in my eyes. He was on FF only yesterday talking about the welsh qualifiers that were coming up in the future.
  11. "Daily Mail this is Steve Moss, Steve this is the Daily Mail. Consider this an introduction"

    I don't get it?

  12. Sorry. Should have mentioned it at the time. Its MVG311020 if anyone else needs it
  13. Loving Arkham City. Ordered Skyrim on Xbox from Asda for £30.98 today. Triffic
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