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  1. On 22/10/2021 at 17:03, El Tombro said:

    So basically, that's the catch. You don't pocket £3,000.00 upon arrival in your new job at Amazon (or £1,000.00 which seems to be the common amount). You must stay there for a year to receive that, and that's IF it is a permanent job and not a fixed term job "just for Christmas". The original article, particularly your headlining of it, is extremely misleading, but I suppose it's difficult trying to clutch at straws for positives about Brexit.

    You seem to have lost sight of the original point.

    Amazon would usually rely of cheap European workers to fill these kind of vacancies. Since Brexit and the new rules around visas/£26k, they can no longer do that.

    Amazon are now attracting local workers by offering a £3k signing on bonus, regardless of how and when it’s paid.

    That wouldn’t, didn't happen before Brexit, a Brexit bonus if ever I saw one, clearly.

  2. 19 minutes ago, islander200 said:

    I can admit Mowbray has done some good things and he deserves credit for them but it doesnt matter how many good signings he makes or how much profit he makes even how much money he spends he will continue to think he is Pep and over complicate things, changing formation every other week and changing the team every fecking match.He just cant help himself, he will never stick to the formstion and personnell that suits us.

    And i agree the owners are useless and want them out as much as anyone but they have put the money in throughout Mowbrays reign up until this summer 

    I couldn't agree more with your first paragraph islander, spot on.

    I don't agree he's been backed enough to make a difference, he's certainly been backed more than some in this league yes, but the money invested isn't going to knock the likes of Norwich, West Brom, Fulham, Bournemouth, Brentford and Leeds from the promotion places over recent seasons in my opinion. 


  3. 36 minutes ago, tomphil said:

    If he's so behind TM then by definition he's behind the owners he claims to despise.

    ‘He’s’ not behind Mowbray….and make no mistake, he despises the owners with a passion. 

    That doesn’t stop him pointing out that not everything TM does is bad, despite what the blinkered would have us to believe. 

  4. 20 minutes ago, RevidgeBlue said:


    And we netted around £10m for Armstrong so if the others walk for nothing £50m is a bit optimistic to say the least!

    Gallagher good business?

    Reel 'em in Gav!

    We bought Armstrong for £2m and sold for around £20m, I’m not interested in net. That’s a tremendous bit of business.

    Diaz and Gallagher have a long way to go, but if they keep up the current scoring rate they’ll be worth far more than we paid for them, IF.

    Kaminsky is a star in the making, he’ll be a £10m keeper. Dack was a £10-15m player before injury, great bit of business, you can’t blame Mowbray for his injuries.

    £50m is probably on the low side.

    Ps - He still needs sacking 👍

  5. 44 minutes ago, nathan_rovers1 said:

    What backing? 

    Spot on.

    Now that Diaz and Gallagher are starting to fire, players wages are the new stick to beat Mowbray with....😃

    Dack (when fit), Gallagher, Diaz, Armstrong and Kaminsky are looking like being good bits of business, on todays market probably worth £50m+ would you say? 

    1 point off the playoffs and assets like these, no wonder he's being kept around.

  6. 24 minutes ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    Do you think Venky's made a conscious decision to let the contracts of the likes of Nyambe, Rothwell, Lenihan, Kaminsky and Brereton run down potentially allowing them to walk away for nothing?

    Or do you think they trusted Mowbray and Waggott to manage the overall budget over the last few seasons properly and prioritise our better players accordingly?


    Mowbray has just pulled in almost £20m for Adam Armstrong, I'm sure Venkys trust him alright. It looks like both Gallagher and Ben Diaz will prove to be hits, scoring for fun this season, he's probably got 2 more cash cows that will be cashed in upon for decent money at some stage. 

    As for the contracts, its the owners that are refusing to fund new deals, Mowbray is on record stating he wants to keep the players, at any other club he'd be doing just that, but sadly its been just one of many 'blind spots' throughout Venkys time here, letting contracts run down, Lambert in part walked because of it too.

    Have all our former managers under Venkys 'made conscious decisions' to let contracts run down?


  7. 10 minutes ago, J*B said:

    I know you’re not mate, it’s just led me to an interesting thought process. How many Rovers “fans” would you say there are left? I honestly think sub 25K nowadays. 

    It’s hard to say with any certainty.

    But I’m confident, if we ever get back to the Premiership, you can guarantee we’ll get 17k home fans midweek and 20k+ for Saturday games, if Venkys are a distant memory.

    Keep the faith.

  8. 2 minutes ago, J*B said:

    Depends where you draw the line I guess. Rovers have 270K Twitter followers, are they all fans? I’m not sure. I’m actually interested to work out what the ‘official’ number would be. If we have 6500 ST sales, I wonder what the conversion is for a fan to get a ST? I think I would say there’s less than 25K ‘active’ Rovers fans left. A lot would probably argue more, but attendances / shirt sales / social media interaction is really low nowadays. To be converting 25% of those 25K ‘fans’ into STs isn’t great. 

    You do a great job running this website J*B - I’m not picking a fight, appreciate all your efforts and the backroom team 👍

  9. 17 minutes ago, The Mighty Chaffinch said:

    I thought Dolan had one of his best games for us today…great skills, tracking back, getting blocks in, unlucky not to score twice…yes he made the wrong decision on a few occasions but he’s still a teenager and I’m seeing progress from him on a near weekly basis. 

    Spot on TMC 👍


  10. 5 minutes ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    Because there's no hope of progression until Waggott, Mowbray, Venus leave.

    This is just another wasted season assuming they are all allowed to see their contracts out and at the end of it we look likely to lose our best players if the status quo is maintained until then.

    We’ve had 11 wasted seasons, why are you getting the hump now?

    But welcome to the party, finally Rev….

  11. 16 minutes ago, WacoRover said:

    Why our fans cannot enjoy a win over a quality opponent for about 5 minutes, is beyond me. 

    This site has around 30 people posting regularly Waco, it represents less than 0.1% of the Rovers fan base.

    I can assure you that the vast majority of Rovers fans are enjoying the win tonight, against an opposition that have spent way beyond our means, its a very good win, an impressive win. 

    Onwards and upwards.

  12. 20 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

    nyambe,lenihan and rothwell are probably waiting for him to **** off,they won`t sign anything with him in charge,would you??it can`t be much fun working for him

    You might like to think that, but its very clear from the players themselves that they're playing for the club and playing for the manager. We are all long enough in the tooth to know when the manager has lost the players, its clear as day thats not the case, in fact I'd go as far as to say they've never been more united under Mowbray. 

    The contract situation is down to the owners having turning off the tap, its happened under most mangers throughout Venkys time here, but not on this scale. I'm reliably informed Nyambe is on peanuts for a regular Championship player and the club are reluctant to increase that current deal by much, its a disgrace and down to the owners and the owners only. Waggot was going on about wage structures, does anyone believe Nyambe and Lenihan are asking the club to break a wage structure? 

    The transfer window was a shambles because we're skint, the loan market was a shambles because we're skint and we're going to lose 1st team regulars because we're skint.


  13. I was speaking to a Utd fan yesterday complaining about Solskjaer, out of his depth, tactically inept, poor in front of the media, wouldn't have got the job if he hadn't been a player, you get my drift. He then went on to say that he'd like to see Solskjaer sacked and Steve Bruce back as manager, I almost fell of the chair.......

    He then went on to say he'd steady the ship, keep them competitive, keep them honest until someone better comes along, a bit like Mowbray at your place. Everyone knows Venkys are the problem, until they leave you'll never do anything, Mowbray is a steady hand, he'll keep you competitive in the Championship, you'll not end up in league 1 with him in charge.

    He has a point in my opinion.

    Just on Gareth Ainsworth, I want him nowhere near this football club until Venkys leave. Manging this football club under these owners will destroy his local lad reputation in 6 months. Its tough to manage your home town team in good circumstances, but under Venkys he'll be ripped apart.

  14. 3 minutes ago, El Tombro said:

    Do you think those employees would come from the unemployed roster? Or from another competitor?

    I am extremely cynical about companies like Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, and so on. Their business practices are designed to take all and give nothing. I am simply not a supporter of them and this move by them will only strengthen them while potentially shutting down competitors.

    I think you'll get a mixture, logistics and warehousing are notorious for turnover of staff, often due to more hourly pay or incentives such as Amazon are offering. Its not unusual to see staff join and leave B&Q for example time and time again. I also think you'll get workers from the service industry looking at this too, bit of a Christmas bonus for joining.

  15. 11 minutes ago, El Tombro said:

    how can Amazon using its financial muscle be a Brexit bonus

    They would usually employ cheap labour for outside the UK to fill such vacancies, they can't do that now due to the restrictions on visas vrs salary after brexit. I would also question whether or not Amazon UK would have been allowed to offer cash incentives whilst we remained in EU, surely that would be break one EU law on competition rules.

    Anyway, it now gives an opportunity for local employees to take up those jobs with a cash incentive to do so. 

    Fill yer boots El Tombro. 

  16. 2 hours ago, RoverDom said:

    That's her achievement not his. He has to appoint a vice president, picking someone who isn't a white middle aged straight man is just living in the 21st century, not an achievement. 

    What a load of cobblers.......

    It hasn't happened in over 200yrs Dom, of course its an achievement.


  17. 2 hours ago, Gav said:

    What did Trump do that you'd be proud of, if you were an American? No tweeting UFC clinical adviser for help either......


    2 hours ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

    Millions around the world? Where in the name of God do you get your info? This is genuinely what you would go with as an achievement? Bottom of the barrel. News flash, people outside America don't care who their VP is and inside America she is massively disliked. 

    Americans and people in general don't care about these token gesture woke strokes (contrary to the garbage the media put out), they want strong economies and money in their pockets for them and their family. Biden has been a disaster. The dems are split with infighting and he has achieved nothing. That's why Trump, who you have been brainwsshed into thinking is the anti-christ, is in with a huge chance of winning the next election if he runs. 



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