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  1. Preston at home and away are THE games of the season for me and my family. The ones I looked for when the fixtures came out. I don’t see anything wrong with that. How many more home fans do you genuinely think would attend this fixture at 3pm than would at 12noon ?
  2. If you can’t get to a noon/12.30 kick off you can’t get to it whatever the reason for changing it. Those who can’t book a morning off at 9 months notice are hardly likely to be able to at 6 weeks notice.
  3. I’m Inconvenienced by it but I accept it and I’ll be there. To be honest the moving of the Bolton away match at much shorter notice when we had stuff planned inconvenienced me far more. It’s just what happens with football in 2019. I've asked Rich Sharpe to enquire why they’ve moved it off their own bat. If they come back and say for example for the safety of our own stewards - and we’ve seen stewards treated badly at the last two Rovers games by your own description - then I’ll say fair enough. But I’ll lay odds it won’t be accepted by a few whatever they say
  4. Let’s hope Rovers are never involved in the promotion shake up then eh, imagine getting games changed at a months notice like Shef United and one or two have to put up with all season?
  5. I suspect the PNE end will close to sell out. As would coaches to Burnley if we played them at 12.30om. Maybe just a case of us getting pretty flimsy excuses in early for another disappointing home turn-out? Looking forward to a bumper turn out for the Stoke game when everything is neatly in place for every potential fan. Perhaps they can make it six quid each too then even this messageboard’s most vehement Waggott decryers can have no excuse.
  6. Fixtures were announced in Mid-June. Time of the game shortly after. It makes no difference whether the police or Rovers altered it if you genuinely can’t get a Saturday morning off at 9 months notice. It could in theory have been selected for telly at a much later date than that. I’m genuinely sympathetic to anyone who can’t make it - my point with my daughter is that she’s having to choose between two activities she genuinely loves and there is an opportunity cost whatever the choice - just as there might be in giving up a Saturday morning’s overtime.
  7. Apart from the PNE game what would you have expected them to do about the other five?
  8. if Rovers feel it will make for a smoother day starting earlier I’m fine with that. If Preston don’t i’m fine with that too. Gone are the days when anyone could seriously expect all games to start at 3 on Saturdays. I’ll try to find out this week what Rovers’ main motivation in switching it is but I’m sure whatever they say won’t satisfy those who wish to harrumph their way through life in a constant state of high dudgeon. My daughter goes to drama religiously on Sat mornings but guess what? She’s decided to have a rare week off and go to the game
  9. Perhaps that’s a good enough reason not to allow fans three or four hours more drinking time for the Preston game
  10. If you think a Rovers v PNE match after a 4-1 hiding at Deepdale is a match “between two teams with nothing to play for” perhaps live football isn’t really for you.
  11. Think you’ve missed Lewis Wing out unless he’s injured too. Regular starter of late
  12. The game they sold 7,000 for was called off on the Boxing Day when half of Lancashire was flooded. It was played in midweek in about February and only 4,000 or so came from memory.
  13. Great. So our supporters bar is run on the same business lines as a the pubs in a vibrant European capital which people flock to for stag/hen do’s, international sporting events and major concerts as well as the places of historical interest. Should only be a matter of time till it picks up a bit then.
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