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  1. Any chance of a list of the players that have gone for an "out of thouch" fan?
  2. I'm in 2023 of my Rovers save on FM20 on PC. I went straight up, with 5th in the first Prem season and 3rd in the second. Currently sitting at 3rd, 1 point behind 1st. Of the "original" squad only Nyambe at right back and Arma up front are regular starters. (Tosin I bought on the cheap after the first season in the Prem) Dack just got pushed to the bench by Martin Ødegaard (I'm in that transfer window currently). Lenihan and Travis are regular subs. I sold of the Currently alternating between a 4- 3-1-2 with 3 central midfielder and 2 Advanced forwards, and a 4-2-3-1 with inverted wingers. Using the latter very seldom as I really dont have any good wingers outside of Arma, and he has consistently been a 25 goal Advanced Forward. I want to play the formation with wingers more, but, I have so many good and great MCs, and as said no so many good wingers. Some great buys, I've had; Koni De Winter for left back Sergio Gomes, Eduardo Camavinga and Jude Bellingham for MC Wilfried Gnonto for Strikers Tosin, Marco Kana and Valentin Antov for stoppers. I'm at work now, so can't post any screenshots. I normally favour a 3 DC back line, but in FM20 this has made me leak goals. Have any of you sucessfully implemented a 3 defender tactic?
  3. And Lars Bohinen, Tore Pedersen, Egil Ølstenstad, Stig Inge Bjørnebye. Rovers have had quite a lot of norwegians on the books.
  4. As far as i can remember, Carew did have a trial/training stay at Rovers when he was young.
  5. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but this case is far from over, it seems. The Director of Football (or something like that) at FC Lyn Oslo at the time of the Mikel tranfer, Morgan Andersen has now been charged with forgeing the contract that made Mikel a Lyn player. This could possibly have severe concequences for the player I think. Perhaps his transfer to Man Utd, and subsequently his transfer to Chelsea could be illegal. Mr Anderson faces the possibility for 2 years imprisonment for his actions, if found guilty. As for FC Lyn, there is some debate around the possible consequences.
  6. The daft part is to give managers an incentive to sell the best players.
  7. Oh dear, he's bound to leave now... Everytime a player is "happy at a club" i get the impression there is something going on behind the scenes. I hope not, and I hope the feeling of "he's leaving" is just down to my paranoia over such stories.
  8. I agree with you herbergeehh However I think the rejoicing isn't due to Lucas' injury, but mot down to the fact that it appears that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. That said, to applaud an injury to a player isn't something we, as supporters, should do.
  9. I just came up with a conspiracy theory concering the Dunn deal. What if Rovers were letting Notlob do the "special" medical test, thus getting a second opinion.
  10. Wasn't the Bolton deal 750 up front 250 if Brum is promoted (wtf?) 1 mill after 50 apps by Dunn. That is not 2 mill for an unfit player, its at most 1 mill for unfit player. An unfit player won't play 50 games.
  11. Great to have Nelsen back, but i fear that we'll not see the Admiral of olden times until late in this season. He's ben sidelined for half a season, and will need several games to get match fit and get his form back. It may, unfortunatly, be many a game until he's back to his best. But then again, even a semi-fit Admiral si better than most defenders.
  12. In my opinion there are certain elements of this board that gets on players backs and no matter what the player does/doesn't do he gets slated for it. It seems that it has been descided in advance that whatever that player happens to say or do its bad. I'm not trying to take a dig at anybody, but that is the impression I've gotten on these boards the last few years. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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