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  1. Yes, I agree. I know the arguments and benefits but I'm afraid I'm not convinced that we have adequately vaccinated the UK population to feel comfortable with the idea of stopping the programme for the under 40s. Like yourself I've had both jabs and I will soon have 95% protection. Am I going to change my behaviour and suddenly start using busy crowded places? Absolutely not. To do so reinforces the perception which is building amongst the population that very soon we will be safe and out of the woods. On Wednesday I was in a Zoom committee meeting discussing sports club activities.
  2. After posting the above I went to read The Guardian online. We have to protect the UK population before other countries through vaccination and continued emphasis on public health, social distancing and if necessary not ending lockdown. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/06/new-concerns-indian-covid-variant-clusters-found-across-england-ongoing-risk-high?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  3. I understand the point of view and can't argue against it with one exception. You say "No one is safe until everyone is safe." I agree entirely but argue it makes far more sense to ensure everyone is safe in the UK before helping other countries. If we put ourselves in the strongest possible position to counter the virus through vaccinating the entire population we will be better able to assist others. If we slip backwards and have to refocus our efforts at home we cannot help other countries. There is going to be another wave soon, rates are rising slowly but surely. Locally the rat
  4. No I don't condone it at all. I see this type of behaviour as completely unproductive. Initially I said this but decided against it and removed it from my post as I don't want to get in to the debate I know will follow. I do believe in protest but not of this nature and I would never turn out for anything which might go this way. Turning one's back on a match in the stand, emptying the stands in to the concourse etc. I would support but never the scenes at Old Trafford. I wouldn't want to associate myself with it.
  5. Yes and people will see what they want to see. Football fans will see a successful protest while others may see a bunch of "kids" breaking in to a football stadium and running amok. It's the second view which the BBC images showed on Sunday's 10.00pm news.
  6. I can't agree with you on this Gav. India has a population of 1.3 billion. In January of this year the government placed it's first order with the Serum Institute for 15 million doses - that isn't a typo, fifteen - and currently has a target to vaccinate 300m by August. India has now banned vaccine export which will have a significant impact on the developing world. I'm not suggesting the UK should ignore the plight of other countries but India has its own production and has announced it is keeping all of this for itself. There is no argument to support India under those circumstances. Th
  7. I'm not sure of what you mean with this sentence. Personally I haven't lived in a "state of fear" through the pandemic. What I have done is significantly modify my behaviour. I don't see any reason to return to old ways. Yes, I'll probably alter how I currently live my life but caution will still be an absolute priority. Australia has a small outbreak of the Indian variant in Perth. In an unrelated incident two cricketers circumvented the ban on travel from India by entering Australia via Qatar. While utterly selfish and ignorant individuals behave with total disregard for society and sce
  8. Steady. I didn't say there were or are ego problems within the trust. I do believe though the Trust should have expanded its interests but I don't think not doing so was anything to do with ego. Overall I feel there just wasn't the desire to look at any other aspect of fan representation. A real shame.
  9. I'm good thanks Stuart. We've kept ourselves safe, sound and a touch bored. Hope your family are all safe as well. Lost opportunities? For me the big one was The Rovers Trust. There was a point when membership was higher than the Arsenal Trust. From memory I think 1200+ had signed up. A supporters trust can and should be involved in many things but Rovers Trust was always a single issue organisation. Had the Trust expanded its interest and ideas, looked to work in other areas of fan representation it might well have maintained the membership numbers and become a real voice for the fans. S
  10. You're not alone in this view. There are scary times ahead and I will not be changing my behaviour at all. No pubs, restaurants, cinema, theatre etc. On Thursday I get my second shot and I'm nowhere close to thinking I'm fully protected. The issue revolves around how the majority behave and possible new mutations.
  11. Yes, I have. I have no idea what our merchandising revenue is but prior to Covid-19 I imagine it wasn't significant. If ST sales fall to the level some are predicting, personally I think 4-5000*, then merchandise sales to these numbers will be very low. I rarely see anyone around me with a bag of goodies from the Roverstore on match day. I'm surrounded by ST holders. * I say 4-5000 because after close to 18 months away I think many will simply disappear. From the little I've read we could be on 2-4000 attendances due to Covid-19 restrictions. Possibly I should be better informed but
  12. Yes, we are both very well thanks Simon. I wouldn't criticise anyone for their individual choice on anything. I might argue the point but not criticise which I view as two different things. What I object to is supporters who still insist on telling those who chose to renew we are "part of the problem." For me the difficulty is we have supporters who divide the fan base with these and other similar remarks. While such views exist those divisions will not heal. It only takes five minutes on here to know this is still happening. As for a QEGS group I've only very, very vaguely
  13. Yes, I feel it is the owners who need outing. If there was new ownership they would presumably have their own ideas on CEO and manager. I will renew. It's never in question and is a decision, as I expect you know, I don't have to make. I won't deny my son the chance to watch Rovers when he has no possibility of understanding why I might choose not to take him. If I had to make the choice for me alone? Difficult but I would probably renew. Why? Being a supporter is about watching a season of dross interspersed with a few wonderful moments. It was ever thus.
  14. It's just more of the usual nonsense from people who like others to think they're doing something......... while others actually get on and do it.
  15. Interesting to read there are still fans blaming, at least in part, those who still attend or intend to for our current situation. While this continues, what is it now ten years?, the fan base will never unite to oust the owners.
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