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  1. No den I don't have any connection with Brockhall and the Covenant. It was me who had Ewood Park designated an Asset of Community Value (ACV) on behalf of the Rovers Trust about ten years ago. I did consider if we could apply for Brockhall to be designated an ACV at the same time but it was clear there was no case to be made.
  2. Five years ago, prior to the Referendum, I was posting of the potential consequences of Brexit for agriculture and horticulture which are covered by broadly similar regulations as this business. My comments were often brushed aside. I had +/-35 years experience of import/export within the EU. Bleak? Tragic? Enraging? For his employees yes as their employer voted Leave without considering the potential impact on his business. Ignorance of the highest level on his part. The poster on Twitter is presumably sympathetic to Peter. My view would be more on the lines of "you voted for B
  3. Same in Chorley and very effective traffic light system at Aldi. Tesco and Sainsbury's locally have been absolutely appalling in their handling of Covid-19. I avoid both shops unless I have absolutely no choice. If this is ever over I won't return to these supermarkets or any other retailers who I feel failed their customers in a similar manner.
  4. Put on a face mask. Light a match. Blow as hard as you can. If you have a decent mask the flame will not even flicker. We have around 20 my wife made. Every one passed this test.
  5. The genetic code of 10% of all Covid-19 cases is analysed. It is this type of monitoring which detects any variation or new strain. We're not the only country to have picked up on new variations. Denmark is certainly one other. I doubt everyone displays the same symptoms regardless of any variations. Some people are asymptomatic yet have the virus so display or lack of symptoms is not necessarily an indication of one strain or another.
  6. Only when people are highly selective about the numbers they chose to quote.
  7. It would seem not. I fully understand and agree Christmas is about far more than food and drink. I cannot though understand the selfish and self-centered attitude of anyone who breaks whatever rules are in place now or at Christmas. My wife and I expect to spend Christmas alone for the first time in 42 years and are happy to do so. We take our responsibility to society seriously. If we are alone we will be buying a very good picnic from Booths, a bottle of champagne and walking up a local hill to have lunch. I'm already seeing enough people breaching lockdown to know it will not
  8. I have plenty of empathy for and support through my custom those who are taking their responsibility seriously. If anyone is interested I can provide a list of reasonably local places which are doing an excellent job. As for "grassing them up" if I directly experienced the situation I described I would. I haven't so have not reported any place. I fully understand the issues the hospitality industry faces. This doesn't justify breaking the law, regulations or guidelines. Far too many businesses in other sectors are abusing the various government schemes. Hopefully they will be b
  9. I expected this reply regarding hearsay. If a long standing friend tells me something I have a choice as to whether or not to believe it. Based on my experience of the individual I believe it. Based on your response I would hope and expect you chose not to accept as correct or true anything which friends tell you. I have seen headlines suggesting £12bn was wasted on the app. I haven't read these in depth. My only comment can be if correct £12bn seems an extraordinary sum to develop an app. The sum suggested is such that it stretches credibility. I can't judge as I've read little.
  10. I was told this by a long standing friend whose word I trust. My response was the same as yours Den. If I had witnessed this personally I would have reported it.
  11. There's no way these places are scrapping to stay alive. Flawed and corrupt app? See the post I was making while you responded to mine. I understand the app is catching around 60% of contacts. That's 60% greater than zero.
  12. On a related topic. I had two NHS contact alerts on Sunday afternoon. The first to say I had had a contact with someone who tested positive after my visit. The second sent an hour later saying my contact level had been checked and I was clear. I've been able to work out the contact was very likely to have been at Cafe Ambio in Chorley. Excellent result.
  13. I know of a very local pub and restaurant which on Saturday night was not displaying NHS Track and Trace QR codes. There was no paper sign in system for either premises. The qualifying "substantial" pub meals are served in a separate room from the general bar. The restaurant allowed groups of up to eight at a table who were clearly not from the same household. Two culprits here. The establishments for allowing this to happen. The customers for failing to observe rules and guidelines. And people wonder why we are in Tier 3 and it appears not to have a significant impact.
  14. Can I ask you a straight question please. With these two posts are you telling us you have booked two tables for a total of 12 people who do not live together?
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