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  1. The problem there is not VAR then, it’s the rule. You can’t simply apply the ‘spirit’ of the law, it has to be black and white. Are you suggesting that we should start allowing marginal offsides if it makes the game more entertaining? Not sure we’d accept that if it had gone against Rovers. Last season, we saw so many terrible refereeing decisions at Championship level and that certainly wasn’t for the benefit of the game. I don’t disagree that VAR needs an awful amount of improvement but I think some of the issues are actually with the rules themselves, eg handball.
  2. Not going to go around in circles but it wasn’t a fatigue injury. He’s at risk of an impact injury just by being on the pitch. Playing 2 games before tonight didn’t have anything to do with it.
  3. No need to blame anyone for the injury. Dack has been back for 3 months not 3 weeks. This is the first run of starts he’s had in that time and he’s been getting back to his best recently. Was anyone saying before the injury that Dack should have been taken off as a precaution..? Awful season, almost worse than the relegation years given the expectations.
  4. Highlight was easily Trybull. When substituted, he went off on the far side and proceeded to walk around the perimeter of the pitch to the dug outs, throwing all the available spare footballs into the stand. World class.
  5. I’d suggest Ewood is slightly different given the purpose of the buildings, historical significance, fans emotional attachment and lack of viable alternatives but it’s certainly showing it’s age and, as mentioned, the riverside (built circa 1990/91?) certainly should be replaced. Always wanted to visit the STC so will defer to your knowledge. But in fairness this isn’t about impressing the untrained eye, it’s improving the facilities to modern standards. To be clear, I remain to be convinced that this is the right approach and the club will need to go to some lengths to convince me t
  6. You can use ‘could’ because we’re all speculating over the benefits and drawbacks. You don’t know that it won’t be financially profitable for example. Your final question is what we all need the club to clearly answer and until then, it’s hard to make a definitive judgement.
  7. I’m on the fence. Need to learn more about the proposed new STC. I have no doubt that our facilities are getting outdated but it doesn’t sound like the replacement will be significantly better, at least on paper. If the club benefits financially and we end up with a better facility then it’s obviously a no brainier but we need to see the finer details. In terms of Jack’s legacy, I think we need to be philosophical. Preserving Jack’s legacy shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to improve the facilities, similar to any suggestion to replace the riverside stand. They key is to fully understan
  8. To tuck it away in a planning application? Need to stick to the facts on this. Certainly concerning on paper. Need to know more before jumping the gun.
  9. Sad to see people buying into this crap. Short odds on favourite? He couldn’t face the reality of a likely defeat so invented a cover story in advance which has since been shredded. It’s shameful to see the lengths people are going to defend him.
  10. Insists on depressing people by giving a squad update before a game..? So when asked about injured players, you’d rather he ignore the question? There are plenty of reasons to criticise Tony, no need to invent them.
  11. We got ourselves a regular goal scorer in the championship. Hardly lost out. We may not see the full amount of profit but I’d suggest we still benefited from the transfer.
  12. The owners are signing the cheques. It’s the only good thing they’ve done. Why they keep doing it is the mystery when we’ve had little to no progression over the last 10 years. It’s easy to find sticks to beat them with but you can’t argue that they’ve kept funding the club. They could always spend more money but considering they’ve already thrown in well over £150m, it’s hardly like they’ve turned the taps off. Redeveloping a part of the stadium isn’t a priority simply because, I assume, the lack of demand. We could close the Riverside and easily accommodate the displaced fans elsewhere
  13. Some people can’t have it both ways. Criticising the signing of loan players as being evidence of short-terminism but conveniently forgetting that we’re also signing a permanent long term prospect for left back. We clearly have a good relationship with top clubs in the PL so why not make the most of it? We have access to a calibre of player we could not otherwise afford.
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