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  1. Very sad news. Like many on here met him on a stadium tour - he loved talking about Rovers Anyone know what the cause of death was? I haven't found anything online which suggests why he passed.
  2. A footballing legend. RIP Sir Bobby
  3. The thing I notice about this is that Spuds are always seen as a big club and not even our own supporters consider Rovers to be in that category, but lo and behold we are just behind them. Remember we spent two seasons out of the Prem whilst they haven't. There is an error of perception in this somewhere, surely.
  4. 2001-2002 Derby 2002-2003 Sunderland 2003-2004 Wolves 2004-2005 West Brom 2005-2006 West Ham 2006-2007 Porstmouth 3 out of 6 since we came back to the Prem. (sad northern statto, I'm just a sad northern statto!)
  5. Why is that? You coming over to sample some warm beer and pies? BTW the fixtures are reported to be out June 14th which is a week tomorrow I only say that because it doesn't seem to have been posted so far. And why are we rehashing an old fixtures thread? Can't we have a new one?
  6. That has to make him a good bet for a full call up. Who needs Beckham anyway? (thought the booing was funny)
  7. Its a bit of an embarrassment signing a player at the start of the season and then having to loan him out before it ends
  8. My guess is that if he is, he won't get a very good reception from the fans (and maybe a bit of a kicking on the pitch, or am I just wishing to hard?)
  9. Thankyou for that reminder. This is arguably my favourite Rovers games that I have attended. After the defeat by Leeds (who had found form whereas we were on a downwards slide), it left us level on points with both them and Portsmouth. Leeds were still in the bottom 3 but only by goal difference. At half time, having squandered our lead, I remember feeling totally miserable and was mentally preparing myself for relegation (I discovered afterwards that I'd been captured by the Sky cameras at half time looking totally depressed). Talk about a game of two halves though! I must admit, after the Stead goal, I had almost lost track of the score briefly, as had the guy sitting next to me (we couldn't see the score board, which was on the front of the stand above us). I knew we were ahead and so it finished. 4-3, three very valuable points, we went mental! It took about a week for the euphoria of that match to die down (plus Leeds lost 5-0 to Arsenal in their next game). It still delights me to think about it.
  10. Wikipedia certainly have their act together when it comes to updating information! I'm glad he's gone and I'm glad that it's over and done with now because it dragged on for WAYYY to long (plus I didn't like him all that much, too many pens and free kicks conceded).... ... but it's still going to be wierd seeing him in a West Ham shirt and I must admit that if they get relegated, I won't be shedding any tears.
  11. This is really good news for us. The local boy comes home. Can't wait to see him in action again. Sky sports news are reporting it. Welcome home Dunny
  12. Maybe with the negative effect of Souness now gone, there will be an extra incentive for him to prove himself. One thing that occurred to me. If there's one sure way to get the club (and the fans) on board with a possible return to the mother land, threaten a move to a local rival! Just the idea of Dunny playing for Notlob, just seems all wrong somehow (like the first time I saw Jansen run out wearing a Bolton shirt. It was just too weird).
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