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  1. Yes, there's definitely a "Well what's the point if we don't?" argument. I suppose the elephant in the room is if Mowbray would get canned if we finished in the top half but not in the play-offs over the next couple of seasons. I get the impression that he could do that endlessly here.
  2. I don't mind dross too much, as long as we get results. Dyche is a classic example. I think Mowbray has tried to implement a slick style that looks great when it works, and knocks the stuffing out of you when it doesn't. I think it's a dangerous style to try when you don't have the quality of players to do it, which by and large, we don't. In that sense, Mowbray is failing, because we are still mid-table. While we seem in little danger of being in a relegation battle, we somehow crumble whenever we get a sniff of the play-offs. That's the killer bit.
  3. To be fair, I do get an underlying feeling that if we start to plummet down the table, Mogga is in virtually no danger of losing his job. There are better managers out there than Mowbray, of course. There are also worse ones. I won't lie - I'm shit-scared of who these owners could appoint next!
  4. We were bad. We had clear chances to level up or go ahead, and we ultimately lost to a combination of that and a terrible bit of goalkeeping by Pears, but it was otherwise one of those "dominant" displays where you always felt the goals would elude us. The only difference for me is that I wasn't all that bothered about how it was going to go beforehand, although slightly torn in that we put out a strong side. I'm certainly not a Mowbray fanatic, but I think he deserves the rest of the season to prove us all wrong. If it's still mid-table stuff, then I think it's 4.5 decent years, and
  5. Have you seen the future? How did it go?
  6. I avoid Facebook at all costs as a rule of thumb, but I think it's a bit defeatist to throw in the towel after a Cup exit to a team in a League below us. Doesn't look like too many clubs are taking it seriously at this stage this year. Bigger fish to fry, and there is still a chance of the play-offs, Dack and Trav coming back, etc. All is not lost just yet. I didn't get to watch much of the game for technical reasons, but from the iFollow commentary, we sounded dire and not up for it. That being said, we lost due to a poor goalkeeping error, and we certainly had chances to score through D
  7. That's all they can afford with their grand total of "winnings". 😉
  8. Yes, just the red splash screen with the fixture and some dramatic music. But it's buffering. My VPN connection speeds are sound, too. Just this FA Player (F*ck All Player?) might be having speed problems server-side. Imagine how many are trying to connect!
  9. Yes. Could be nepotism, or a terrible decision that weakens the side and will throw our Cup hopes away. Or... It's the 3rd round of the Cup, and a reasonable opportunity to give our young reserve goalkeeper a go after showing his potential in the previous game that we saw him. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Use a VPN to connect to a UK server, then watch on The FA Player for free.
  11. @J*B Your source's line-up: Pears Pike Lenihan Johnson Bell Downing Davenport Buckley Dolan Dack Brereton Actual line-up: Pears Buckley Lenihan Johnson Bell Trybull Travis Downing Dack Dolan Brereton Not a bad effort.
  12. I wouldn't bank on that. iFollow is run by the EFL, not the FA. Until this season, Carabao Cup (run by the EFL) games were free to watch, but that no longer seems to be the case. I can't imagine they'd show a cup competition run by another authority.
  13. I really like Buckley, and think he'll have a great future here at Rovers. There is clearly room for improvement, particularly being stronger on the ball, but I think he'll work that out in time. Whilst we're comparing Buckley to Whiteman, let's just take a moment to realise that Whiteman was out on loan to Mansfield Town when he was Buckley's age, and he's also 3.5 years his senior. I like what I've seen from Buckley so far, and think we need to grow him here at the club with reasonable appearances than send him away or bring in somebody for a few million whereby Buckley could be worth t
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