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  1. A bored Football Manager players played a whole season with Jones at striker for PSG for fun to see if they were still dominant in Ligue 1 and he bagged 40+ goals.
  2. In their first season, they managed 4 points in 7 games. Given how amateur clubs at this level work, at some point they might just disappear and we will be the only people to remember that they ever existed.
  3. I went through the accounts and looked up the transfer numbers for past seasons since relegation. The first column is purchases during that year. It should count all guaranteed payments associated with the transfer, regardless of when they have to be paid. The second column is cash spent on transfers, regardless of when the purchase was made. It should include add-on payments made during those periods as well. The third column is cash received from transfers, regardless of when the sale was made. It should also include add-on payments received.
  4. Not a surprise at all just like when Henley moved. He's also American so does not count against foreign player limits. Presumably his salary is not too high to make it unreasonable for him to make a move.
  5. It will be the first time that the Brereton transfer hits any published accounts so we may get more insight there.
  6. Surprised that nobody has mentioned the latest share issue that was posted today: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07406020/filing-history Looks like another injection of cash totaling 9.625 million.
  7. I have done these summaries for a few years so I will do one again, but most of the relevant information has been covered here. Of course, I do accounting related work 250 days a year already and the accounts have to finally be posted on one of the few weekdays where I am not working. As an accountant who prepares financial statements, that is the perspective that I tend to take when looking at accounts and it is always beneficial to also look at the perspectives of people with other backgrounds in finance and accounting. Page number references are to the page in the accoun
  8. The MLS players' union releases salary information on all players. Depending on the exchange rate at any given time, he was on about 10,000 pounds per week. The Galaxy had an option to extend his contract for a season, but did not pick it up. In theory, I think this means that another MLS club could pick it up if they want although that does not sound likely. They had a poor season so they are probably looking at using the salary cap space freed up by not having him at the same salary next year for something else.
  9. ESPN+ for those of us in the United States.
  10. Yes, you can search for the online service ESPN+. They currently offer one week free trials and you can watch it as a replay if you end up being busy at that time.
  11. ESPN+ is a new subscription online service that moved the Football League distributed games away from their previous free online service. It is possible to get a 7 day free trial.
  12. In the United States at least, Eleven Sports has picked up the Liverpool game. It will be live on their Twitch and then delayed on their lightly-subscribed television channel at 5pm EDT.
  13. I don't know about their football team, but their women's basketball team is coached by a Belgian national and he coaches in English.
  14. Brad Friedel was named USA U19 Manager. That's not actually a competitive age group in our confederation, so presumably he will be helping players get ready to play for the U-20 team. Interesting that he's moving into management and not just goalkeeper coaching.
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