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  1. Absolutely clueless.No passion, no bravery no character, a mirror image of the manager. Venus sat doing an impersonation of a cardboard cut-out. Thanks Tony, but time is up.
  2. The right manager will have to be either out of a job, or joining from a lower club, this rules out original suggestion of Barnsley or Reading manager.
  3. As we are at the moment, not exactly a step up. 5 loan players, numerous players out of contract,club teetering on edge of FFP precipice.
  4. Advertised as Live, but recent comment from Rovers Academysays not now showing live.
  5. My wife started to get interested in watching, a trip to Oldham, as above, soon cured her.
  6. Only player I've ever seen crying on the pitch. Started off moderately well, until the previously injured Tony Field returned, everything went through Field to O'Mara',s detriment. Retrieving a ball in front of Riverside for a throw in, crying uncontrollably, confidence completely shot, never to recover.
  7. Little lad in a mans game,wimped out of his chance to equalise. No winners in the side and no plan B from manager. Too much tippy-tappy football, sometimes, especially when behind at home, a little bit of brute force is required.
  8. Possession statistics look good on paper, but it's little lads football.No aggression, physicality, or good old fashioned Ale House football when needed.It's almost impossible to have so much possession with so few shuts on target.
  9. Is the Preston game one of the free 7 away games available to Season Pass holders?
  10. Coyle's appointment still rankles,always have the feeling we are never far away from another bombshell.
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