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  1. So if there's a massive restructuring behind the scenes, why all the cloak and dagger innuendo.
  2. Not at the walk on prices at present, totally out of context with the area and situation. If walk on prices were realistic, and conversely season tickets were aligned price wise, then perhaps, but for this season it is a catastrophe.
  3. The FFP calculations take in previous two years and the projection for this season. We have obviously had to reign in our salary levels as a consequence of the mis-management and Covid effect. So any new manager would not have the usual "new money" bounce, this presumably ties in with the supposed u-turn on sacking Mowbray. We are effectively on a self imposed embargo, due to the profligacy of the previous 2 seasons. Not really surprising that in April whilst a decision had been made, the lack of funds made the position unattractve to potential managers.
  4. It's my understanding the 3 year cycle is rolling, not a 3 year cycle and start again.
  5. The comparison between Souness and Mowbray one you would die for, and one you would fall asleep listening to. The choice is yours.
  6. Been looking through Rovers seating plan, frightening the apparent availability at the moment.
  7. Southampton paid £15 million for Che Adams, surely Arma worth close to that.
  8. Mine keeps stuttering, hoping on full launch the quality improves.
  9. Anyone having problems playing video clips on Rovers TV, the toolbar does not have the settings icon to adjust to 360 pr.
  10. Bolton have allocated areas that have social distancing, if people require. I know of a few Rovers season ticket holders that would prefer some flexibility on season tickets, be it social distance seating, TV coverage, flexibility as per Covid restrictions. The silence from Ewood is embarrassing. Presume with projected sales of tickets, the club assume social distancing will not be a problem. A supporter lost rarely returns.
  11. The most comical aspect is that I contacted them from my supposed defunct email address and they responded.
  12. I have a tiscali email address ,which although 20 yrs old receives all communication.All except anything from Rovers. Contacted Rovers and they responded that the email was undelivered, due to out of date email address. However when I purchase tickets etc I get a confirmation of purchase. Suggest the database for generic emails from Rovers is at fault. Another to add to the general feeling that the incompetence is not just allied to football matters alone.
  13. Have emailed the club with similar concerns, no reply.
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