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  1. If a u-turn has come about through an inability to get their choice, then without a shadow of a doubt Mowbray would have known. To continue in the post in those circumstances is not the "honourable" thing to do. Personally the taps may have been turned off as more pressing humanitarian needs in India take precedent. Armstrong sale will keep us afloat for a short time. Cannot understand any logical reason to delay any presumed major changes as anticipated by some on here. However to presume logic in the case of BRFC is somewhat optimistic.
  2. If the whole process of decision making, communication etc is having a detrimental effect on the situation at BRFC ,which most people agree with. Then surely it is down to the senior employees of BRFC to demand a more professional and responsive process, and we know that will not happen. The whole atmosphere reeks of complacency.
  3. We have gone ahead with the standard refurbishment due to being unable to externally raise the £2 million required for a stitch pitch.
  4. If there is any substance to the rumour, it's most likely the attempt to procure external funding to completely refurbish the Ewood and training ground pitches.
  5. Any investor seriously thinking of any return on their money would be expecting PL football for an appreciable amount of time. It isn't going to happen, even a one season term in PL would not create a windfall, sadly.
  6. Can still picture his header against Man City in the FA Cup.
  7. All yesterday proved was, against poor sides who play openly, our counter-attacking style is to be admired. However as seen in the latter stages of the season, after the false dawn, we still cannot break down sides who drop deep. A plan B is required, which Mowbray has blatantly been unable to organise. Big leap of faith to keep his as manager, still dining off Lg 1 promotion.
  8. Just seen Derek Fazackerley in the Waddington Arms beer garden .Looks as fit as a butchers dog, 69 years old. My mind immediately switched to Ayala, oh dear, Mowbray Master Transfer 27.
  9. On reflection, the Mowbray comments on him being performance based, trying to improve each individual.,Is reflected on the pitch. A group of individuals with no set pattern of play. A cohesive team will always overcome a set of individuals,especially the standard of ours. He even had a dig at MCarthy at Cardiff, and his style of play,maybe Saturday Mowbray will get his come-uppance. Our delusional manager who thinks he can turn us into a glorious free flowing all conquering club, whilst in the meantime results are secondary. He really is entering the Keanesque realms o
  10. From the false dawn of early season to the slow and excruciating death throes of a manager, passionless and completely without direction. Unable to counter sides who, as all the division has, have completely negated our supposed tactics. Weighed down by £12 million wasted on two ,pound for pound, the worst forwards seen at Ewood in a long time. Unable to escape relegation, to winning promotion from a division way below the talents of Mulgrew, Graham and Dack. Now assembled a team without passion and character. Lenihan excepted , no leaders, just a lot of journeymen goi
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