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  1. Regarding Sunday's Bolton game, this is quite a poignant match for me. After 30 years and 8 months, and a run of 617 consecutive home league games, stretching back to 21st Feb, 1976 (lost 3-0 to Portsmouth), I'm going to miss the Bolton game due to a weak moment last year when I agreed to a fortnight's holiday in Florida with the family. In October. During the footie season. During this time, I've never missed a single league game due to holidays, work, illness, weddings, funerals or any other minor event. I'm truly gutted. What was I thinking of???
  2. Interestng you should say that, Paul. The last email I received from BRISA was on 21st May! (OT - Sorry)
  3. I might just do that! It was better than working for an hour or so on Friday afternoon!
  4. Talking of Salzburg's goalkeeper ..... after 10 mins the ball was headed back to him. It was nothing fancy, awkward or powerful, but he let it go under his foot, couldn't catch it and the ball ended up just wide of the post!
  5. No shame here. The fans deserve to see the goals. I take it you won't be tuning in then, Flopsy?
  6. I've created a video of the goals from the Salzburg match and uploaded it to YouTube. It can be found here . Enjoy!
  7. I've created a video of the goals from the Salzburg match and uploaded it to YouTube. It can be found here . Enjoy!
  8. It needs updating again! - Jimmy Quinn is the new manager of Cambridge United.
  9. (Apparently, <cough>) You can get everything else supplied as needed in Haslingden, so a couple of MPGs ain't gonna cause any ripples, that is until the local Mafia want in on the scene!
  10. I've watched the game from the bittorrent downloads posted last night. After a shaky start, after we'd scored our 1st goal I thought the lads played really well. As has been mentioned, Tugay was outstanding. And I've got to say this just because of the alarming regularity that it happens - Lucas Neill was ball watching as their player stole in at the far post to head home the equaliser. The guy ran for 10 yards with his hand in the air as the ball was delivered from 35 yards away, but Neill was more interested in the ball and was then helpless as he nodded it past Brad into the net. It was the kind of goal we've seen scored against us a too many times for it to be coincidental. If anyone's in the Whitebirk area today, (or Haslingden over the weekend) and wants a copy of the game (2 x mpgs), PM me.
  11. Paul, I will apologise now for knowingly posting one of these links tonight. Even after posting 2 messages giving the biggest hints I could without including actual links, there were still so many fans posting requests for the actual instructions that I couldn't satisfy them all via PMs and didn't want anyone to miss out (they didn't as it turned out). I knew the mods would be on the ball with my link post, but I just felt it was worth it given the content tonight. I hope you understand my reason for breaking the sites posting rules. Once again, I apologise. Regards, Paul
  12. More from Shanghai Sports ..... It now looks as though Rovers match will be on at 3AM UK time. Think I'll give it a miss .....
  13. Just checked the world clock website. It's currently 09:04am in China. Rovers may well be on delayed coverage at 9pm our time.
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