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  1. Finally had to mute the two idiot commentators last night - constant moaning and winging about the referee over and over throughout the game


    ....Ok, we all know they aren't great and some decisions are dodgy, but get over it and talk about the football.

  2. No optimism for this one, and not really that bothered.  More possession and sideways and backwards passing, then a soft goal given away followed by five weird substitutions with no apparent plan.

    Will I decide to pay £10 to watch in iFollow ........................probably

  3. I've paid my £10 for my son and I to watch (again) .... not expecting anything more than another random shuffle of the squad with no apparent tactical reasoning. In the 2nd half of the Preston game we both said we  had absolutely no idea what system we were playing and who was supposed to be doing what, but then I don't think the players did either.

    On a positive note, hopefully their pitch will be Ok and allow some passing football - the appalling state of Ewood has been a big factor in our season downturn after the good start - early season games at home, and in some away games, we were much more effective because of the better surfaces.

    Anything other than a miserable loss will be a pleasant surprise.



  4. It is no doubt going to have a lasting effect on football viewing and attendance.  

    For me, having moved south in the early 1980s I still used to attend a few home games every year whilst visiting family, but as they have died/moved away from Blackburn it is now a long time since I visited Ewood and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. My watching Rover's "live" has been restricted to a few away games each season.

    This year - I've paid my £10 to iFollow and managed to watch every Rovers game (bar one) live, home and away, which I've really enjoyed despite some of the results recently. If there was a digital season ticket introduced so that could continue in future I'd  be happy to sign up.



  5. My favourite piece of memorabilia is my copy of the "Sports Telegraph" dated 21st April 1928 that my grandfather bought after he went to the FA Cup final...it now hangs on the wall of my office at home. 

    The worst is probably the large cardboard box of match programmes, mainly from the 1970s, that I have kept in my loft for nearly 50 years and never look at but l still can't throw away, despite my wife's pleading.


  6. 36 minutes ago, ben_the_beast said:

    Is there any indication we are actually appealing Lenihans red.

    They won't appeal it - appeals rarely succeed unless there is absolute and clear evidence (like mistaken identity or something). In this scenario the best outcome they might get would be a reduction to a yellow, but that would still mean he would have been sent off and suspended for one game.

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