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  1. Their goal was just poor from Nyambe. He was tasked with marking Powell. As a defender you either get the ball, or at least put enough pressure on the man you are tracking. He was first a yard behind Powell, then he overran crashing into Johnson while trying to see where the ball was going. Powell watched the ball, slowed his run and could head unmarked. Somebody pointed out that the defence play ourselves into trouble with high risk passes, and I agree. When the pitch is unplayable in the middle, then we have to play into the channels and move the team further upfront. Also Lenigha
  2. Magloire was given a chance directly from U23 football. Played two matches and came up against Joe Garner (Wigan) and Steven Fletcher (Sheff W). Both are experienced operators similar to Graham and gave him a difficult time in the air. I've seen a fair amount of U23 football and for centre backs there is a massive difference from senior football. U23 football are very technical and to the feet. The strikers they face are usual quick and nimble. Magloire was coasting being quicker and more powerful than most. Timing, positional and tactical development was probably underdeveloped. W
  3. According to Calvert-Lewin he is fast as well. When asked who was fastest at the club, he said it would be between himself, Godfrey and Branthwaite in a 100 metre race.
  4. Not the prettiest win, but felt good to win a bit ugly again. Today we did the dirty stuff which has been missing. Travis and Davenport gave that energy and balance you need when you play with so many offensive players. For me Davenport was MOM with a "Reed-esque" performance. Broke up play, tackled and good distribution. Should keep his place for me. Douglas did a suprinsingly good job as a right back, but his lack of pace and strength is very nerving to watch. Thought Gallagher did a good job helping him out defensively. Armstrong was back to his best with a goal and general
  5. Not sure if there was any offers him? Totally agree that it was the right call for him to go play against men, rather than being a 5/6 choice here. Williams might be back for Wednesday anyway. Carter can fill in for a game. Johnson could also be brought back and start Davenport in midfield. Other options are Nyambe and maybe give Pike his debut?
  6. I think Armstrong probably has more Premiership potential than Dack. Dack can obviously do a job in the Premiership with his quality, but they are far better to close the space he operates in that the Championship. Armstrong's pace and movement will cause problems at that level too and his allround game has improved greatly. He's a bit of Aguero light in that respect.
  7. Seen him on several occasions and always liked him. Energetic, solid and dependable. Always a 7 of 10. Can tackle, head and has good distribution. Hard to judge U23 level, but one of a handful I'm certain will have a professional career. Could probably do a job in an emergency, but would probably benefit from a loan before chucking him in. Some players like Buckley, Rankin-Costello and Butterworth are easier to identify at U23 level because they were obviously a level above. Others are more solid but can turn into great players with experience. Pike is one of them. Others would be Whiteh
  8. Played at highest Norwegian 3 div (4 th tier, not high level then, only 2 highest divisions are national, this was regional) Biggest moment was playing Viking in a cup game. Roy Hodgson was manager and Hangeland played. Big moment for our little village of 3000 people to have them visit. A fun rule in that cup is that the lower division club get one penalty for each division in difference before the start of the game. We scored 4 of 5 and ended up losing 5-4 in the end.
  9. That was a strong win with basicly the U-18 side that went to the semi-final in the FA Youth. Even more impressive considering Brennan is away on loan, and there is not so much creativity in that lineup. There is raft of good centre-back prospects in Barnes, Whitehall(plays midfield, but reckon centre-back is his best position) and Garrett. I'm sure Pike will have a career as a professional footballer. Maybe with us.
  10. Great topic! Kaminski, Rothwell and Armstrong based on the season so far (might change). All are very important for the team dynamic and we don't have any replacements close to what they bring. Johnson, Breo and Holtby as the second wave. Haven't considered Dack and Travis yet. Travis can replace Johnson as the anchor, but on Johnson's current form might not be a big improvement. Johnson brings aerial strength in a team that is low on that as well as more of a goal threat. Will be interesting to see where Dack is deployed and how that will change the dynamic.
  11. Having Kaminski back was a big reason for the win. You could clearly see how much more confident the defence was with him behind him. He's very vocal and Wharton described it has having comfort blanket with him there. Looks a steal so far. I think it was around 500k for a keeper with quality, the right age, experience and good cultural fit. Also telling that he is part of the Belgium national team that has been ranked number 1 in the world the last couple of years.
  12. I think the "flat track bully" comparision really relevant. Really enjoy watching Rovers this season dominating teams this season and certainly can be placed as a"happy camper". Mounting a promotion push you need to be able to handle all aspects of game handling: 1. Putting lesser teams to the sword. We are certainly doing that this season, which is refreshing after Charlton and Luton came to Ewood last season. 2. Grafting out a win against decent teams that get behind the ball. Cardiff and Forest was a struggle to create enough chances. It's one of the hardest thing in football
  13. Thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time to back your argument with a good factual case. I'll concede we had a greater net spend in transfer fees. But I would be very worried having Paul Cook at the helmet. Looking at his transfers over the last 3 seasons it's very poor. He's brought in 24 players, and I don't think one of them has increased in value. You'll have to give him credit for the run Wigan had after Covid, but I think there must be so many better candidates out there if the aim is promotion to PL
  14. Well in 18/19 they bought Joe Garner for 1,25m + McManaman, Kipre, Windass, Lee Evans, Daniel Fox + 5 or 6 free transfers They finished 18, we finished 15. in 19/20 they bought highly rated Jamal Lowe, Kieffer Moore, Joe Williams and Tom Pearce. + 2 free transfers. They finished 23 (would've been 13 if not points deducted), we finished 11. Paul Cook brought in 18 players in his 2 championship seasons. I think the transfer sums might not be that different, the wage budget is certainly similar. They had a large decifit like us, the difference being their owners didn't wa
  15. I doubt it. There is just so many promising young centre-backs at the club currently. Wharton, Carter and Magloire has already made their senior debuts and would be preferred in such a match. At U-23 you also has his partner Sam Barnes who is probably as talented. The great thing for Annesly playing international football is that it gives him experience against much better players and will help his progress. A loan to League 2 would do him a world of good. The biggest difference from U-23 football is the physical side, which I think he would benefit from. I've seen him on multiple occasio
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