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  1. Yes Pike should've played right-back that one game where Douglas was moved from left-back to right-back. In fairness Douglas did ok, but Pike deserved his chance. You are claiming HB and JB should not been loaned and instead betting on Carter and Magloire. That decision was taken in January when we were still chasing play-offs. Magloire had just returned from a loan spell in Non-league. Carter had a few games for the U23. Not sure many thought they would make a better options than bringing in two top prospects from PL highly rated by Pep and Ancelotti and with more experience.
  2. How did you get there? Obviously not. The discussion was whether is was right to loan HB and JB in January, when you could've used Carter and Magloire instead.
  3. I don't think many thought Carter nor Magloire were the answer in January. Bringing in the probably two biggest prospect from PL at the time made sense. Think it was a very good move for Carter to get regular playing time and will return a much better player, similar to Wharton. I have no problem with that decision. If you want to criticize, it would be playing Douglas on right back instead of Pike who has been the standout player in the U23 and deserves his chance.
  4. I agree that I would like to see a few more youngster now, but there are several others with more potential. Players like Pike, Whitehall, McBride. Those three are probably those who are ready. For the rest might be more damaging throwing them in and let them sink. Players like JRC, Buckley, HB and Brathwaite has at least proven too good for U23 level whether to you don't rate them as Championship level.
  5. As a Norwegian, great credits to Gibraltar for the effort. They played with big hearts and commitment. Great goalkeeper! Was interested to see how Annesly would cope, but hard to judge since the quality gap is so large. Gibraltar played two banks of defensive lines with an energetic striker who tried to chase the ball the few times it crossed the oppo half.
  6. Sorry mate, has nothing to do with Mowbray. Annesly is nowhere ready for Championship football. He's now established himself as a decent U23 player, but is far off the Carter, Magloire level shown at U23 football. Needs a loan to Non-league or League 2 given his age. Gibraltar is no yard-stick. Watched them last night, and despite their heroics, they are probably League 2 at best.
  7. Nice little video summary of his performance last night
  8. Not sure what you mean by consistent runs. He has never been a starter at any clubs. Before Shrewsbury, all his career appereances has been from the bench.
  9. I think working hard has been Harry's biggest weakness. He obviously has talent, but doesn't seem to have had the right application nor attitude. Hopefully he can rebuild his career now, and the pressure of having to earn a contract might be the kick he needs. Might be a maturity thing also, probably had it a bit too easy relying on his talent.
  10. I agree. To be fair I think he's left footed and usually plays on the left side. Might explain why he was a bit off with his end product. His crossing from left is usually pretty good.
  11. I really like Jack Vale as a player. Made his debut for the senior team towards in end of the last season, and was expected to be more involved this season. Very unfortunate to pick up an injury in pre-season which kept him out for months.Is just back and has played the last two games for the U23. Still only 19, he is a well rounded forward/striker who is intelligent, pretty quick, can take on players, run with the ball and decent hold-up play as well. Weakness is probably that he is not prolific enough. Probably more of a Brereton type than Armstrong, but has a lot more awareness than B
  12. I think Whitehall has a very good chance. Could feature next season, or probably benefit greatly on a loan. Quite similar as a player to Ben Godfrey who had a great season on loan at Shrewsbury when we were in League One, and kicked on from there. I really like Pike who has all the tools for a right back. Can defend and get forward. Commited and energetic. Mowbray has praised him already and made the bench recently. One who I'm certain will have a have a professional career.
  13. Not sure if he has played left-back. Are you thinking of Jake Garrett? He is quite similar but has played a lot of left back, and in the centre. Very highly rated and I think he has captained England as well, which is quite rare for a Blackburn player. Still only 17, has featured for the U23 but will probably be a regular feature next season. There is a raft on talent when it comes to centre-backs, which makes it important to get the likes of Carter and Magloire out on loan so the younger ones can progress on U23 level.
  14. Agreed, he has a hint of a young Gerrard. Mobile, powerful, good decision-making. Was also very impressed when he played right back, powerful runs and looked pretty fast as well.
  15. Their goal was just poor from Nyambe. He was tasked with marking Powell. As a defender you either get the ball, or at least put enough pressure on the man you are tracking. He was first a yard behind Powell, then he overran crashing into Johnson while trying to see where the ball was going. Powell watched the ball, slowed his run and could head unmarked. Somebody pointed out that the defence play ourselves into trouble with high risk passes, and I agree. When the pitch is unplayable in the middle, then we have to play into the channels and move the team further upfront. Also Lenigha
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