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  1. R.I.P..... My thoughts are with your family and friends
  2. used to be amazing.... now he has just lost all his work ethic, and if he wants to go.... then fine!! can i just say thanks to Benni for what you have done :-) hope in future gamess against us... you play terrible :-)
  3. hooligans are still apart of football.... it will always happen!
  4. for alot of people who dont like hooligans and violence, your a pritty angry bunch
  5. my brother built the roof!!! from his work at home..... im not looking forward to sitting under it.
  6. Nafe_rovers

    New Songs

    he's fat he's scouse he'll probably rob ur house WAYNE ROONEY WAYNE ROONEY
  7. i remember when we played palace... 35 quid for wooden seats...was the best song of the afternoon as well fulham is horrible too
  8. urm i know im going to sound like a geek... but it takes sound time to travel?? and they sit down the front!! and starting chants at the back but when they hear it they think ....."ooooo bash the drum" its the wrong time... at the arsenal game it screwed a few chants up... but its just science?? or their just generally crap ?? what u think about that ??
  9. wow all those years ago it happened... but the tragedy only seems like yesterday, we could never forget rovers greatest fan...who we love and miss dearly.... we will never forget you and i hope your star is burning blue like your heart... Forever in our heads and our hearts..... Thank you for the heart and soul we love and miss it so much... God bless you Sir Jack Walker.... R.I.P FOREVER UNCLE JACKS BARMY ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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