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  1. New Academy Appointment https://trainingground.guru/articles/blackburn-appoint-prestons-prince-as-part-of-academy-revamp
  2. https://trainingground.guru/articles/sunderland-make-two-major-hires-as-revamp-continues That's our summer transfer plans....if we even had any up in smoke Joe - why didn't you tell us your dad/uncle/brother was leaving (I joke of course)
  3. Paul Harford (no idea but educated guess) Marlon Broomes Vukcevic Tore Pederson Gary Croft Amine Linganzi
  4. Not sure why he didn't stay but he's moved to Spain, can't remember who with now
  5. 2nd half XI for those that haven't seen it and couldn't hear it from commentary Eastham, Rankin-Costello, Carter, Williams, Bennett, Evans, Johnson, Lyons, Rothwell, Dolan, Armstrong. Gallagher picked up a knock In training
  6. Another good run by Chapman this time rewarded with good finish
  7. Think as neither side has announced anything we can assume there won't be any stream of it Nonsense really, I've seen in past week being able to stream Atherton Collieries v Rochdale and West Auckland v South Shields but Fleetwood v Blackburn...no chance ?
  8. In last 9 games of that season Fenton scored 6 goals including those two against Newcastle. If England hadn't such a great amount of strikers at the time he'd have made a late push for the squad ?
  9. Anyone not able to attend can listen to commentary http://livesportsfm.co.uk/player.aspx
  10. Thought I remembered someone asking about him, I've just seen he is now at Curzon Ashton, was released by Rovers, in his own words it didn't work out....
  11. Sounds like it will no longer be U21s but U23 league to be named Premier League 2 however would expect fixtures in next few weeks Still waiting for Rovers to confirm their EPPP audit result also to see if we are still Cat 1
  12. Looks to me like a very busy and imaginative agent, whilst he may have been injured he has still struggled to make U21 squads most of the season
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