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  1. Tomori definitely at the moment. I can't help thinking Gomez, Stones and, to a lesser degree, Konsa look better because of the players around them.
  2. I don't know why Wan-Bissaka has never been tried as a right centre back. It's so infuriating that we have a player who's so defensively sound (when England are lacking good defensive players and who clearly isn't an attacking full back), and we might lose him to the DR Congo team because he won't even get in the squad with the embarassment of talent we have at right back already. Seems obvious, but that's not the way football works (as we well know).
  3. Elliott though, what a player, some genuinely Pirloesque passes in that game
  4. Elliot looking sensational every time he's on the ball, Ayala looking shaky, Armstrong selfish
  5. Too wasteful in attack, and too open at the back... It's enough to cause a heart attack
  6. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me
  7. I've never played at a high level, but my step brother was the best in the area and a youth player for Hartlepool, though didn't make the cut/got bored of playing and didn't play again for years after. However, no word of a lie, he used to play upfront with none other than Arma (for a team called Newcastle City Juniors) for a few years. You could already see then he was something special as he was playing in the first team of the best club in the area despite being a year younger than everyone else (this was when they were about 9 or 10). Proper weird seeing someone you used to watch on a cold
  8. Great result. We need to use the impetus to move up the table though, if we're still languishing around mid table come January we won't be viewed as a competitive prospect and we'll lose the likes of Arma
  9. Why does Tony persist on playing Gally out wide, why not let him get on the end of some of those Douglas/Holtby chances and put Armstrong out wide
  10. Pulled Apart By Horses - Yeah Buddy (really scraping the barrel now!)
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