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  1. Have you seen the quality of the goals he has scored for Shrewsbury?
  2. I think that he has the same attributes as AA, pace, balance and a good shot with either foot. Defending is not something he likes to do, but AA improved when he played as a CF because he didn’t have to chase back and defend. He is a confidence player who needs to be loved to get the best out of him. Make him the main man and he could be our answer if we lost AA.
  3. Joe a quick question. Why would Lewis Thompson be released, I thought he was earmarked for a first team future?
  4. We are also ill equipped to battle for points as we don’t have enough fighters in the team.
  5. Sorry but they are anything but good enough. Much too lightweight and easily muscled off the ball. Too many not interested in receiving the ball or putting a tackle in.
  6. Surely we couldn’t afford the additional salary required.
  7. There is no point having loads of forwards on if there is nobody to provide the chances. Clueless!!
  8. We needed midfield players to create things, but the whole game we were light weight there. You have to win the midfield battles and create pressure, we couldn’t do that because we had too many forwards on who just weren’t good enough. Travis was working his nuts off and Davenport did well whilst he was on, but why take him off?!! Elliot hasn’t been good enough for a few games now, it’s like playing with 10 men when he doesn’t perform. What formation was TM playing? He is a bit clueless at times. Throwing a load of forwards on and hoping they will come up with something is not tactics. Why hav
  9. If it gets us close then I will still consider it a success as we will be more likely to attract good signings (permanent) in the future to enable another crack at promotion. Also losing games playing our young players who are not ready might bring fears of relegation and have the opposite effect on future player recruitment.
  10. Totally agree, the CH loans are only there to cover a disaster of an injury crisis in that position. It will also set us up well for any future star player loans. We can’t afford to buy quality permanent signings so it serves us well to get these players in. If our youngsters were currently good enough they would be playing. They still need to develop further before they can play in the first team. If Pickering is an upgrade he should be playing for helping us get promoted rather than being loaned back.
  11. I agree he is way too soft. The amount of money he wastes by being “a decent sort of caring manager” we could have made up the difference in value with the Pickering deal. It’s very frustrating. I don’t think any of the 30 plus year olds should be given new contracts as their legs will not be able to provide the high intensity that our play demands. Any money should be used to protect our young assets.
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