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  1. He hit it, the fact he turned his head to the wicket keeper as soon as it passed the bat gave it away, it's a natural reaction when you nick a ball to the keeper.
  2. This song is on repeat on my MP3 player at the moment, You - Atmosphere, from the brilliant album When Life Gives You Lemons.
  3. They were there on the Saturday, as was I, amazing gig, best i've been to.
  4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have a new album out tomorrow, you can listen to it Here!, another great album from Cave, his 14th I think.
  5. We can have a look at him, but we can't sign him at this point in time, he's never going to get a work permit, too young and not played enough games for the USA.
  6. Mark, have a chat with me next time you see me on MSN, I might be able to sort you something out dude.
  7. Anyone got the goals or a torrent of the game by any chance? Probably a bit soon I guess.
  8. Spouting crap again as per usual, from what I heard on Radio 5 we played good football for major periods of the game. People on here are remembering what happened in the last 5mins and forgetting the 85 before it. I'd rather we played like we did today than the abysmal performance we put in against Pompey.
  9. Done. MGP v Flham for me, the ultimate team goal with a sublime finish at the end, a goal that would grace any game.
  10. After about 12 hours in total in a car I'm home again. What a day, a superb performance by the players. Todd fully deserved MOM, after a shaky first 15mins i don't think he made another mistake. Great day, great result. Now to watch the highlights and get some sleep.
  11. I'm setting off on a 7ish hour journey in 15mins, my first Rovers game in ages. going up with 2 arse fans, so a 7 hour journey back wont be much fun if we lose.
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