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  1. Really enjoyable game. The players’ work rate was amazing and we more than matched the probable Champions today. Some great interplay at times and I don’t think anyone had a poor game although Buckley might be frustrated with his performance. Lenihan and H-B were outstanding again with Kaminski making 3 crucial saves. For once I agree with Talksport in that Tony Mowbray’s subs were well timed and helped see the game out although we might have snatched it at the end with Rothwell.
  2. That’s a great story. I too trade in Bitcoin and the returns at the moment are amazing although I agree it is high risk. It eclipses by far from what you get betting on footy or horses. The current price for 1 Bitcoin is £36,000 as of a few minutes ago! So I’m wondering what crypto coins your friend has got?! He’ll be able to buy out Venky’s; own the club, relay the pitch and dish out free season tickets if he’s got Bitcoin!
  3. We even got our own game report in the Times this morning. I quote: “Reports from India say that Venky’s, the Rovers owners are displeased with the situation but a change of manager is not thought to be imminent.” First time I’ve read about Venky’s “concern” but no explanation as to these “reports”. What will not help the fans’ mood is what Mowbray said next “ We move on to the next game and hope our luck changes”. I can’t believe we’ve gone from play off contention to a relegation scrap in a few short weeks. The parallel with Hull is very worrying.
  4. Really interesting thread Rover99 and one I’ve been thinking about for some time. I recall Gary Bowyer getting criticised as he supposedly had a top 6 squad but failed to get them there. I think there are 3 elements to this question. Firstly, if you believe in the top 6 statement then it seems to me that Tony Mowbray deserves credit for assembling the squad. Secondly, the fact that we have not been a top 6 club this season is a big negative against the manager and he faces criticism for his tactics, team selections etc. as supporters claim we are underperforming. Like someone commented previously we as fans think our squad is better than most and should be doing better but often it’s based on a hunch or gut feeling. Is there any way that we could use objective, empirical baseline data to answer the question? Which leads me to the third element. If you compared all 24 squads in the Championship, looking at the goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards and applied skill based data to each area and quantified it you could arrive at a crude score for each team and thus be aware of which teams were over or underperforming. I’m not sure if such data exists but it would be an interesting exercise. I do know that in the world of education over the last 30 years such base line data has been applied to our pupils so managers and teachers have an idea what an individual pupil should be capable of and whether schools are under or over performing when it comes to public exams. I well remember being appraised every year over my exam results as other teachers on here will empathise with. I know it’s not exactly scientific but last months Four Four Two magazine studied the remaining Championship fixtures in 2021 and they had Rovers finishing in 9th place. The top 6 were Norwich, Watford, Bournemouth, Brentford, Swansea and Middlesborough so it will be interesting to see how accurate their magazine writers are.
  5. I agree with what you are saying about Jack Walker and the town and how much pride we all felt in the Golden 90’s but two thoughts spring to mind. Firstly, the Walker family were not slow themselves in undermining his legacy by selling the club to Venky’s and secondly, if we are £196 million in debt then perhaps a chance for our owners to make £50/60 million by selling some part of the Brockhall facility to maintain our very existence as a football club should at least be considered as long as it doesn’t impact massively on the playing side.
  6. You are rather prone to exaggeration. I don’t really take any notice of what you say. It doesn’t make any sense.
  7. I thank you for your response. I was not aware that titles of threads could be changed. I did not find it funny especially after a defeat and I didn’t expect the reaction my post has caused. I’m clearly out of tune with the majority on here so I had better exit stage left!
  8. What gives you the right to change the title of the thread? You are setting a precedent surely? I’m pretty sure this was not how Lee Grooby and his friends envisaged how this message board would develop when it was started in 1996. You have overstepped your role and I feel that what you’ve done is out of order.
  9. I’m not sure which is worse watching us lose today, reading some very childish posts on here or watching the Rugby. It’s been a horrible day!
  10. I think the fact that Messrs Guardiola, Klopp and Ancellotti are happy to send their promising students to Tony Mowbray and his coaching team shows highly thought of they are within the game. I’m sure they could have sent them anywhere but they know they will be well coached and managed whilst they’re here.
  11. Does this mean that Branthwaite has picked up an injury from Saturday’s game so we’ve gone in for the City lad? I’m a little confused as to why we’ve got 2 youngsters on loan at CB but maybe I’m missing something.
  12. Of course it worked! We have a very strong bench and he used it to it’s full capacity as even their manager conceded. You use the word desparate others might call it tactical. Historically I’m wondering if it’s the first time in our long and distinguished membership of the Football League that we have used 4 subs in a competitive game, other than friendlies?
  13. In your opinion obviously. Poor bloke seems to get as much criticism after victories than he does defeats! I’m genuinely interested in which players know he’s “winging it?” Do you have evidence of this or is it another example of your personal bias?
  14. Like any game of 90 minutes there are periods of excitement, periods of frustration and periods of mind numbing boredom. The 3 points today are massive and keep us in the hunt for a playoff place. There are about 12 teams who will still be hoping and we can be one of them. Our subs bench now is so strong. I saw a caption in the Norwich-Boro game that we’ve got most goals from our subs bench in the league. I think some posters just thrive in being over critical; let’s just enjoy these wins.
  15. This gives Big Sam a chance to thwart Venkys perhaps? I’m sure he doesn’t want to do them any favours on transfers.
  16. What a great mental position to be in! You predict outwardly that we’ll be nowhere near come the end of February then you’ll be heralded as a prophet but secretly like the rest of us you’ll be as pleased as punch if we do go on a bit of a run. Absolute win win scenario!
  17. I agree with you but clearly there are many posters on here who are judging him on results and suggesting he is a poor manager but a 43% win record is not a bad defence.
  18. Obviously Warnock has managed more games than Mowbray but statistically Mowbray has a better win percentage than Warnock so maybe in time our manager can eclipse his CV!
  19. I’m sorry Rev but I can’t let your post go unchallenged. Your last paragraph shows well your disdain for our manager. You assert he is deceitful to his employers, he is lazy and is only motivated by his retirement pot at the end of his career. Assertions that I doubt you have any evidence for. Astonishingly, you contrast him with a 70 year old who engaged in a foul mouthed rant against the officials and later with an 18 year old boy wearing blue and white. Your defence of him is that he is “engaging” and “ he gets carried away in the heat of the moment!” You must have missed Arbritros’s earlier post which contains plenty of damning comments about Neil Warnock. Some posters may also remember Warnock’s attempted assault on Shearer after words were exchanged at Brammall Lane in the 1990’s. I have listened to every interview Tony Mowbray has given and being a reasonable judge of character in my honest opinion our manager is a man of standards and integrity.
  20. It’s clear Travis and Dack need more time to get back up to speed. Relieved in the end we got a point but my overall feeling is one of disappointment not just for our first hours performance but due to the awful state of the pitch. I know it’s in part because of training on it but serious questions need to be asked about our ground maintenance team.
  21. I’m not sure I need a plausible alternative view! Possibly a mixture of bad luck and poor recruitment, will that do? Anyway your phrase “kipping on the job” shows where your bias lies!
  22. He has Ayala, Williams, Wharton as injured CB’s and he has Nyambe unavailable which is either incredibly bad luck or poor planning and recruitment depending on one’s perspective. Your opinion about Mowbrays motives is obviously your own and perhaps you have evidence for what you say but Tony Mowbray when I listen to him does not come across as this self obsessed, self interested individual in the way you describe. At the end of the day managers at any football club come and go and the only certainty is the fans loyalty to their club
  23. I don’t know Chaddy personally but why on earth should he have to explain his belief that Mowbray remains our manager? He is supportive of what he’s done for the club. There are 4 threads on here dealing with Tony Mowbray’s future which I think is a bit excessive Only Mowbray knows what’s going on inside the club and as he’s said on more than one occasion that he will go if he feels his effectiveness is dwindling. Emotions are running high on here at the moment and some people are really enjoying sticking the proverbial knife in.
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