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  1. Or that genius tactician Paul Cook about to take Ipswich down again.
  2. I thought he was our savior at one stage. 🤔
  3. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/a-star-has-been-born-many-blackburn-rovers-fans-react-to-22-year-olds-display-v-hull-city/ just saying🤔
  4. Pretty interesting the discrepancy between views on Diaz last night. Many on here thought he was crap. The Twitter sphere is hailing the new messiah.
  5. It could have been worse. We could have had Christian Walton in goal. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58444671
  6. If there is any silver lining, it is that the new recruits should get a shot without anyone throwing their rattles out of the pram.
  7. I love what Ajax are doing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58281752 Who should our tribute shirt be dedicated to? Perhaps the Beatles, with 4000 holes all over it?
  8. I agree on the big If but Football is a game of confidence. If we get a beat going who knows. Rational change of opinion. I am keeping that one in my pocket mokeskine notebook 😉
  9. All about the money. We may have agreed a deal but so may other clubs. It’s the player and his agent doing the shopping around. Can’t blame Mowbray for that. By the way, all of you wishing for Chris Hughton and Paul Cook to take over from Mowbray, take a bow. We are all fickle as rhymes with muck. If we build a settled team and are in the same position in the league that we are now come April, he will be turned from an idiot into a hero to paraphrase David Coleman.
  10. I think the key to getting the lads signed up will be whether they regularly feature in their favoured position and feel valued. If they get bounced in and out of thevteam because of a young loanee that has to play because the big clubs say so, then they will look at other options. The best way to keep them all. Get promoted.
  11. Maybe i am being too simplistic ( perfectly possible) but Gallagher is a big lad, who heads a ball. Put him in the middle. Dolan is a tricky little lad. Put him on the wing.
  12. Probably the best quote from an incoming loanee. Can’t wait for this lad. “This was the only club where I really wanted to come when I knew I had the chance to go out on loan," he said. "I grew up not far from here, I used to go to the games from when I was two until I was about 16 and I also played here when I was younger, so I've always supported the club and it feels good to be here. "I've got a chance this season to prove myself and to be able to do that in front of the Rovers fans, at this club, is the best outcome I could have had."
  13. Only two pages and another transfer wicket falls. This one looks promising.
  14. What a difference a Diaz makes. Joint top with a slim squad. Too many choices just serves to confuse 😜 just need to find a connection to Uruguay or Peru for Gallagher and the transformation will be complete. BTW Armstrong will be feeling right at home. Scoring great goals in a team that concedes more.
  15. And the first transfer wicket falls after a first wicket partnership of 320 pages. Outstanding effort by the thread openers. I think a wicket or two may fall in the coming pages as the new ball is in play and Obefemi comes on at the factory end.
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