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  1. By the way Norwich 7-0 up against Huddersfield. And that apparent also ran Hanley is an ever present. Confidence and a consistent team and approach breeds success.
  2. I was one who was prepared to stick with the manager. All around us were journeymen managers getting a new manager bounce with results before the reality set in. Our team looked good on paper with plenty of options. Now I would be delighted to have a new manager bounce and get a tune out of some of this distinctly out of tune orchestra Any company board would look at these results and fire the boss. These results are not acceptable. Find a hungry young manager with new ideas, cash in on our “best” asset while we can, and wipe the slate clean
  3. In fairness Elliott is a perfect winger on the right and Downing or Chapman if he returns on the left. Gallagher and Brereton were bought as target men but were not given a chance to play in that position.
  4. Watching West Brom tonking Chelsea reminds me realize how simple this game is. Get the ball out to the wing, beat your man, cross accurately and get some big boys to volley or head it in. Rinse and repeat. High performance football is not passing the ball sideways. I have always believed that footballers have a responsibility to perform at their best whatever the directions from the manager. Many are not. Mowbray has a good squad in spite of injuries. What is not clear is his approach to the game because it keeps changing. Norwich don't change their game because they have too
  5. While we are off topic, an unfortunate typo for a worthy cause. Assume it was an England U23 piece.
  6. “I think what jumps out at you is their quality in the final third as opposed to our quality in the final third," Mowbray said. “Dolan, Brereton, Buckley, they’re young kids, they’ve got international footballers who played in the Premier League last year. “We have players learning the game, there’s a difference in quality at the top end of the pitch, we understand that, but that’s what we are as a footballclub, trying to grow.” What jumps out at me is two centre forwards bought to replace Danny Graham who lasted longer than expected. So he played one then the other
  7. No grey area here methinks. Lose 3-1 or win 2-1 I wish I could bet over here.
  8. “I’ve not come away from any game and thought ‘wow, they’re way better than us’. “ You may regret those comments after this Saturday Tony. By the way, this article outlines the challenges that smaller successful clubs like Norwich endure staying in the Premiership. something to look forward to 🤔 https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/what-happens-next-for-norwich-city-7796838
  9. Well I am delighted with an away win at Millwall. Gallagher goal and maybe a more balanced team effort not relying solely on Armstrong to knock them in. Lets enjoy the moment and maybe the start of a run.
  10. Postscript to our chat. https://www.90min.com/posts/us-investors-close-to-ipswich-takeover Anyone know any rich Americans. Except Venkys wouldn't write off their investment so easily. And why Paul Cook if you have money?
  11. I respect your opinion. I just beg to differ. What i know is that if i saw him waving a Rovers scarf above his head as the new Rovers manager, I would put my beloved Rovers shirt collection in the bottom drawer until the hate ridden human being had been binned This is an interesting read. There are books and podcasts on how he destroys players. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/453519/jason-scotland--life-under-roy-keane
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2018/jul/19/alex-ferguson-roy-keane-blackburn-manchester-united As for Ipswich, my brother has been a supporter for 50 years. He has given me chapter and verse.
  13. Keane, as in virtually destroying Ipswich and turning us down after promising to join us in our boardroom. Horrible human and highly unsuccessful manager. He would last five minutes in Venkyland and thats too long. Trash talking punditry is about his level. Even there he is punching above his weight. NBC Sport does a much better job covering Football over here.
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