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  1. Other than the fact that he bought him at a premium price because he had potential.
  2. So now we have the possibility of Brereton and Armstrong leaving. That means Gallagher and potentially Yates up front. Not feeling it. My maths tells me we are one short.
  3. Or maybe Downing has not yet realized his best days are behind him. He didn't actually tear up stumps when he was introduced. Or maybe his pay was based on appearances and he never reached jackpot level.
  4. Wakey wakey. The discussions are more expensive. when they are playing well. Brereton is worth 5 mil and Diaz another 5mil
  5. “First up on his return to England will be Spanish lessons, but while unable to speak the language, Brereton’s infectious energy has seen the team, as well as the country, welcome him in as one of their own, and not been a barrier to showing his promise on the pitch.” Second up, his agent will be knocking on Tony’s door and it won’t be with a Lemon Drizzle cake.
  6. He will be off if Mowbray mucks him around this season. His agent will see pound signs and there are plenty of clubs looking for a striker. I am sure his agent is lining up a Spanish teacher.
  7. The chilean version gas a nice ring to it. En Inglaterra nació Fue deseo de Dios Crecer y sobrevivir Revisar su carnet Y tener madre chilena... Y todo el pueblo cantó...
  8. Great cameo from Ben. Target man against Messi. Winger if he is lucky for us.
  9. Woooo. Go on Ben score the winner against Messi
  10. So the 100 is up on the Transfer Scoreboard👏👏👏. No evidence of any activity that would indicate a breakthrough before 150 is on the board. Perhaps even 200 up before Armstrong is done and dusted. “Wake me up before he go goes.” 🕺🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️
  11. Good luck Bees. Thanks for the transfer clause for Raya. Two million in the kitty?
  12. Well he had Adam Reach a superb crosser of the ball and did nowt with it. My Wednesday mate probably got up at the crack of dawn to wave him off. We got the best years out of him. Downhill from there.
  13. Wonderful piece by Matthew Syed in the Times yesterday on Loyalty. He quoted another special writer Nick Hornby. Here is an excerpt. “Fans have never — can never — see life like this. A fan who switched clubs because the meat pies were tastier elsewhere wouldn’t be a fan. A fan who switched clubs because the matches were more enjoyable elsewhere wouldn’t be a fan. Indeed, fandom and consumer sovereignty emerge from distinct philosophical universes. To be a fan of a club is not to express a preference but to accept a calling. As Nick Hornby put it in his anthropological master
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