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  1. Of course the clincher is: "Let's go and harvest us some food. Naked. On a planet 2/3 covered in a substance so acidic to us is causes our skin to melt instantly. Where that same substance falls from the sky quite regularly." *some time later* "Well, that was a hell of a lot of effort, but at least we get to chow down on some delicious, delicious human........AAAAAIIIIIEEEE they're made of water! Who knew????" The worst part is, none of that occured to me while watching it in the cinema.
  2. True Grit - good film that. Devil was pretty funny, but not a patch on The Happening. I hope this isn't a "sign" that Shyamalan's losing his touch, he makes some of the best comedies around. That bit where the security guard was running about blaming a slice of toast landing butter side down on the Devil was mint though.
  3. Saw The Fighter t'other night. Pretty good film overall, Christian Bale storms it.
  4. So has everyone seen the Kevin Muscat challenge? Blimey! Once a thug, always a thug it seems. 8 game ban well deserved.
  5. Loved In Bruges as well, it's quite a unique film that's hard to categorise which is always nice. Great acting from the three leads and some nice swings from being very funny to very poignant.
  6. Yeah, I enjoyed it plenty - all those bleeding cuts to the news reporters towards the end really got on my wick though. I like how Tony Scott can make these ridiculous action films and sort of ground them a little with an ordinary main character or two (usually played by Denzel).
  7. The west of Scotland somehow dodged the second wave of snow, but today we've got that dream combination of rain peeing down on thick piles of ice. A pair of ice skates would have been handy this morning.
  8. On a plane recently I watched Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra on the in-flight telly and thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of it. Funny and informative, lots of little insights about the workings of the orchestra and some cracking music to boot.
  9. I got The Road (book) for Christmas and haven't have the chance to read it yet. Then the film adaptation sort of snuck up on me leaving me with a dilemma of sorts; see the film and - presumably - ruin the ending of the book, or read the book and lose the big screen experience? I'm swaying towards the latter.
  10. I think this is the attitude we should all be taking. That screamer he scored against Arsenal will live long the memory. Watch it all go out the window when he rattles one in at the weekend though!
  11. Only Red Sparowes, most of the Pelican guys are from Tusk. They (Pelican) are playing Glasgow on April 17th, so I'd imagine they'll be in a town near you around the same date.
  12. I was planning to go see Explosions in The Sky in April, but Amon Amarth and Finntroll are sadly playing the same night and its no contest for me really. I'm still new to this epic instrumental post rock stuff, but I like Pelican, Red Sparowes and Russian Circles plenty. Pelican are playing the very next night so I should be off to that one.
  13. From the trailer it does look like one of the most awful sins ever commited to film. I don't know who the people are who find taking a scene from an exisiting movie and adding a fart joke or someone walking into a pole hilarious, but they have my sympathies.
  14. I want to hit Danny Dyer in the head until he stops moving.
  15. I saw Bobby last night. In the end it was fairly inconsequential, but it was enjoyable and for the most part well-acted.
  16. Now I only saw that for the first time on Christmas Eve (in the cinema), and my God what a performance from Jimmy Stewart! I didn't think acting like that existed in the olden days. The film really is worthy of its reputation and I was choking back tears more than once.
  17. Zack's been promising a solo album since the break-up, but its become his "Chinese Democracy." I'd go see a Rage reunion tour, but probably couldn't be bothered with a new album. Their self-titled is brilliant, but Evil Empire is pretty crappy. I didn't ever get round to the third album.
  18. Tugay and Dunn did us as a central midfield paring for the final third of our sixth place finish under Souness as I remember. Of course Tugay was several years younger and Dunnie probably several pies lighter.
  19. Mike Patton...that reminds me. Mike Patton hates Wolfmother. Heh heh, stick it to 'em, Mike. Anyway, today I bought Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun by Red Sparowes. There's nothing quite like that brand of instumental post-rock that makes you feel like the world is coming to an end before your very eyes and all you can do is sit back, watch and feel slightly saddened by the whole thing.
  20. I immediately thought about going back and editing it, I really did.
  21. Has anyone here already made more money than they know what to do with? If he goes to West Ham I'll be hoping more than ever they get relegated.
  22. Remember the bit in Family Guy where Brian was narrating The Blair Witch Project to a blind man? "Nothing's happening....nothing's happening...something about a map...nothing's happening...ok it's over...a lot of people look ######." That's basically how the first White Noise went for me.
  23. I think its the second one, though the film really stopped making sense in the third act. I think the idea was when they first entered the town they entered an alternate dimension - as evidenced by Sean Bean running up and down the same streets as them at the same time (with his dodgy American accent), but not seeing them. So when it gets to the end they escape but are still stuck on the Silent Hill 'side.' Anyway, it didn't make a lot of sense, but it was easily the best computer game adaptation I've seen (not like there's much competition), visually stunning. I usually loathe excessive CGI, but they managed it so well. The music was fantastic too.
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