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  1. He can be Head of Physiotherapy, at a bigger club, earning more money. Thats furthering his career
  2. Lovely away kit from Macron.. Still cant see myself spending 100 pounds or close to a 100 pounds on it 😬
  3. to be fair, its proper halves though. Reversed means we should technically call it Blue and White Quarters and Not Blue and White Halves
  4. Thats a great effort by Macron... The rose imprint is a nice touch.
  5. Cheap overseas postage and Rovers have never gone well together
  6. what has been the general time frame, that Rovers have release their kits over the years? has it not been closer to end of July, or is that the away kit?
  7. He needs to make it his way now. This fancy la di daa type football, wont take us into the playoffs. Play ugly football, and get the job done.. Fans can moan all they want about it, but sign players that will start to put their boots in, get up and put their boots in again.
  8. So out of 87 applicants, the one we announce, is a mate of Mowbrays.. Lol
  9. This im hoping is just temporary, based obviously on the fact its the old macron logo/text ... If that's our actual home kit, we riot
  10. How long have you been around? You should know this club never does anything right or on time
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