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  1. Could do with piping some crowd noise in for atmosphere
  2. They're only interested in the Monet
  3. I suspect it's more about playing time than money at this stage of his career. I read earlier he has only played 244 mins this season (injured for a while, but still not a lot)
  4. Fair enough, I guess there's worse problems we could have πŸ˜„
  5. Agreed, 4 and half year deal so waiting a few months I can handle, plus we already have to left backs until the end of the season. My only concern is if we were to do the unthinkable and get promoted, then that's a hell of a jump up leagues for Pickering.
  6. Sky: HARWOOD-BELLIS TRAINING WITH ROVERS Man City youngster Taylor Harwood-Bellis has completed his loan move to Blackburn. We’re still waiting for official confirmation from the clubs, but the player is training with the Sky Bet Championship side for the first time today.
  7. Bloody awful from douglas again there, miles out of position and walking back. Good job Williams got the block to save him
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