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  1. Good spot but begs the response that there's been a hell of a lot of games since then. I have to say that for all the times our central defenders trot up for corners I never have any real expectation that they'll score..
  2. I don't think any have scored...Douglas has come mighty close though.
  3. Indeed it is - we need a new manager for lots of reasons, just one of them being I'm far from convinced he'll even get rid of all the deadwood we've had for far too long.
  4. I know, they were aspirational 'get rids' given that one is rubbish and one's a croc...
  5. For me it's clean sweep time. Kaminski - keep Pears - get rid, not even good enough to be a no 2 keeper, get a decent one in Bell - get rid Nyambe/JRC - keep one of 'em, I'd edge towards JRC and bring in a proper RB to compete Evans - get rid Douglas - been a massive disappointment but might be worth a punt if (big if) he can stay fit to compete with Pickering for LB Wharton - keep but it's going to be a long road back. Benno - get rid Holtby - let him go (he wants to be in Germany with his missus and has tailed off badly in addition to not getti
  6. They should also remember that once Harwood-Bellis goes home the defence Pickering's joining aint no great shakes either..
  7. Whichever way you look at it a major rebuild is going to be required for next season.
  8. Texas voted for a complete fraudster not so long ago so I wouldn't get your hopes up...
  9. I think I'm right in saying that we've scored a miserly 9 goals in the last 14 games and that's pathetic. We're a shadow of the team that started the season and whilst some of the players need to take a long look in the mirror the buck ultimately stops with Mowbray. I'd personally get rid and move Johnson up to take a look at him for the rest of this season. Can't do any worse than what Mowbray's currently achieving.
  10. That would be because he has no composure on the ball.. he can go in the summer for me.
  11. Brereton looked a proper player at the start of the season but then he wasn't the only one. The excitement at the start of the season with the way we were playing was palpable for many of us and the fact we've ended up being so rubbish for months now is both unfathomable and unacceptable and is the reason why Tony has to go...
  12. It is damning Evans is still around and getting starts - says it all really.
  13. Can't see anything but a Norwich win given their form, our lack of form and all the players we've got out injured. Shame we can't play Trybull today. I'd be looking to sign him and lose Evans at the end of the season but until we sort out the defence we're on a hiding to nothing. No way are we getting promoted with Wharton, Lenihan and Ayala..
  14. I agree that his time's up. Most club/manager relationships have a finite lifespan and Mowbray's arrived there especially as it's going to be a re-build job this summer considering toe amount of out of contracts and loans who'll be leaving us. I'd like to see someone younger and hungrier than Mowbray - he always has the look of a man who's lost a tenner and found a fiver. I like what the guy has done with Barnsley considering the fairly meagre resources.
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