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  1. Our loan business last season looked like exactly that on paper...i.e. the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, in hindsight, it turned out like the ex's Slimming World Tiramisu (looked great, tasted like shite...) Mowray obviously being culpable for the outcome on this occasion, not the ex.
  2. Thanks for confirming although it was sort of a rhetorical question..
  3. Maybe I'm being dense but how do you even offer someone who's out of contract as part of a bigger deal??
  4. All well and good and, in an ideal world, it would happen. However, it's clear he's going nowhere at present and it's also clear our squad is light, so rather than indulging in perpetual self-flagellation, maybe have a think about who you'd like to see brought in given that this is the transfer thread.
  5. I hear you Tyrone but it doesn't alter the fact that there's definitely more than 3 teams worse than us as it currently stands.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Every time he's named in the starting 11 my IATS kicks in ( that's 'Involuntary Arse Twitching Syndrome' in case anyone was wondering.
  7. I'd say those odds look about right given our current squad although as someone else said they may look very different over the next month or so. Personally I think it's a mugs game betting on relegation yet until you can see what everyone's squad looks like come the start of the season.
  8. Pears, get your coat son and Arbito says don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out...
  9. I feel like he owes us and should sign a new contract given he's been a real slow burner so far. Having said that I've seen some encouraging signs with him last season and feel that next season could potentially be a big one for him.
  10. Bit of a churlish response that. I'm made up for the lad, a proper Roy of the Rovers story-line. This whole experience could be the making of him and, if it is, we might be beneficiaries too.. As long as he doesn't speak Spanish like Mclaren spoke 'Dutch' mind you.
  11. I'm happy to discuss the merits of Buckley but I can't accept that Jason Lowe is being held up as something which proves how bad Buckley is. Lowe is/was an anti-footballer who could suck the life out of a game just by being involved.
  12. We get you and Sparks aren't data fans but it really is getting boring now..
  13. Blimey Sparks - talk about a dog with a bone when you were the one who made a clearly bogus comment initially about us losing when Buckley starts Your last post then basically just reaffirms Joe's post was correct other than him not starting against QPR although I'd suggest the fact he came on after 5 minutes is almost as good as starting? Time to move on maybe before you dig the hole any deeper...
  14. I tend to agree although I have quite liked the fact we've dished out a few hammerings this season which is quite unusual for us. Scoring ,more goals is nice too but is offset , as many have said, by the fact we had no Plan B once teams sussed us out... flat-track bullies sums us up quite well this season.
  15. Starmer really needs to take the gloves off and start swinging.
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