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  1. Just brought a left back on, to replace the centre forward playing on the right wing. That's better 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Mowbray death spiral n full swing. It wasn't going to take much to derail this season. As usual though it was injuries to the only competent defenders on the books. Hopefully TM gets a earful from a large following.
  3. Reality check all round there. All about staying up this season as expected. Then binning Mowbray.
  4. That is absoloutely fucking garbage defending. One of the worst goals I've ever seen us concede.
  5. Think in true Rovers style we will lose tonight and maybe scrape a draw sat. If not, it will be an interesting season.
  6. Shame Hogg's out. Was looking forward to him getting a roasting. Hamstring?
  7. Yes he was. At times In the second half Buckley seemed to be as well. It all seemed pretty fluid though with Brereton having a spell there also.
  8. A little reminiscent of the league one promotion campaign. We tended to blow teams away in 20-30 min spells but be bang average the rest of the time.
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