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  1. There are many more groups out there with similar ongoing symptoms. Google it, there’s 100s if not 1000s of otherwise healthy 20 / 30 / 40 year olds with ongoing problems that started with COVID symptoms. I really think it is going to be big problem going forward for employers and hospitals / GPs. There’s no denying that a lot of people suffer little to no symptoms and the older and more infirm are at a more major risk, but there is a largely unreported section of people who were very ill. Not bad enough to be hospitalised, so unreported in Feb, March, early April due to not being tested, but
  2. In a similar vein, I had symptoms of Covid end of March - fever, cough, breathlessness,etc. I basically couldn't breathe for a week. I'm 37, relatively fit and no underlying conditions at all. 16 weeks on and I'm still suffering from fatigue, breathlessness and a lingering cough. It's now chucked in bouts of insomnia for good measure. There's countless reports of "long covid" sufferers about too if you Google it. So, all of those people who've been all over this thread since February, going on like this is just a nothing illness that only effects the old and vulnerable and people should have j
  3. If we shifted Smallwood out permanently, we could use that weekly wage on another signing at a similar wage. Someone who may at least make the bench, unlike RS. So whilst you may be right and it wasn't dependant on RS moving out to sign someone, it may be the case we could sign one and use the freed up wage fromshifting Smallwood or Samuel to sign another much needed body. You can only sell someone if another is willing to buy, but I find it hard to believe there were no takers in L1 for the 2 above, even on loan, that could've give us some wiggle room for better on the wage bill.
  4. Theyre taking up space on the wage bill that could be used on someone who will contribute to the success of the 1st team?
  5. If we don't get at least a couple of positions strengthened in these last few hours, we better hope these younglings are as good as we're told they are. Or we're in for a rough end to the season.
  6. We're not going Down. We're unlikely to go up, barring a spectacular run of form. So it's the perfect time to start playing promising academy players, like JRC, in not particularly important positions. We have nothing to lose by playing someone who is potentially 1st team quality on the right wing and everything to gain if he delivers. It's what we should have done with Chapman and Mahoney. Let's not fuck up thrice in the same position. Same goes for the likes of Buckley. We're in a relatively middling position, give these younglings a proper chance in the first team and potentially
  7. He's hardly had chance to see whether he is or not. Only one way to find out. In any case we have JRC and Bennett who can both play on the right too. GK, CB and arguably LB are more pressing than another winger for me.
  8. Use that money on a GK or CB and play Chapman on the right..
  9. To me it looks like, we're short of cover at CB and LB, but we've pissed all our money on 2 misfiring strikers. So, instead of scouting and trying to find a good CB and a good LB within our budget, we just said, fuck it,bring charlie back. If we have a couple of injuries in defense he can fill in.
  10. Personally, 2011-12 was much worse than 2016-17. That season laid the groundwork for all the crap that has come after it. It would've been incredibly hard to get away with raping the club like they have in the glare of the PL. Terrible football, plus that shit eating, lip licking, smarmy grin staring out at us as we sank meekly, helplessly, away from the big time that Jack, Kenny, Souey, John Williams and many others, these weasels in charge now couldn't hold a candle too as long they have a hole in their collective arses, worked so hard to put in place. That season with him in charge alone kn
  11. Terrible 1st half cost us. 3-3 wouldn't have been unfair after a much improved 2nd half. Nobody covered themselves in glory 1st half, but 2nd Travis was immense, Buckley looked impressive. Just wasn't our day.
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