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  1. He is easily worse than Coyle and Kean...I dont remember either involved in a development scheme which would kill our academy.. Or winning one in 14..
  2. We have a flag with this man's face on it as if he's a Rovers legend! The Coventry three are taking the piss and are worse than Kean and his lot...prove me wrong!
  3. Corry Evans is league one player...as is Bell and Barry Douglas at this point...Our second choice GK Pears is league 2 at best and on a 4 year contract...we have no true wing players so why should Chapman be discarded....not the player it's the manager...Coventry 3 OUT!
  4. Premier league Champions!!! Feck off if you think this is where Rovers should be!...Sack him!
  5. How has he resurrected his standing in the game...his one successful stint with West Brom was 11 years ago...after that he did nothing at Middlesbrough, was a complete and utter failure at Celtic and then ran Coventry into the ground...was put in charge and couldn't keep us from being relegated and then was second in a weak league 1....done nothing since even with a transfer budget most Championship manager couldn't dream of...if he had honor he would walk as he's stealing his wages
  6. Evans should have been given away long ago...just as bad of a contract extension as Mulgrew's...should never be included again....four year contract for Pears seems criminal...could not that money been spent on our out of contract players (Nyambe)....why was Pears signed?? Please look at Mowbray's last days at Celtic...too much talent for these results. Mowbray and Waggot OUT
  7. Trybull should be playing the Tugay role...Evans shouldnt see the side again
  8. You spread straight propaganda on Nyambe...for such a "superfan" i guess youve never noticed that when allowed he has skinned many a lb only to see his crosses unanswered in the box.....but jeep spouting the company line...
  9. Ashley Ward the definition of donkey and permanent sicknote Vincenza Grella for me
  10. Mowbray needs to give brad lyons a chance at CM...fresh legs and not afraid of a tackle
  11. chaddy you're spouting pure rubbish concerning Nyambe's ability to push forward...seen countless tines he skinned the opposing LB only to see his crosses go wanting cause we have no forwards in the middle...seems you playing the mowbray game of downgrading the lad cause you know he's off...
  12. Someone posted earlier that Mowbray's first job here was promotion from league one...was he not brought in to keep us up, of which he failed...the revisionist history continues...he's just not good enough
  13. Against Bristol City he put in at least five quality crosses,,,was taking men on and ran their left back ragged and then against Wigan he barely exits our own half...it must be coaching
  14. does no one remember what he did at Celtic and Coventry?? Him and his mates are stealing money and our owners are too thick to see it. He wouldn't have survived at any other club and he is aided by a subservient media...Where are the hard questions both to him and the owners??
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