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  1. Saw an article on Lancs live yesterday mention Oskar Burr from wolves as the sort of player we will be looking at. Does anybody know anything about him?
  2. Doesn’t look like dack will be featuring today, at a party last night... not sure how to add a photo but has been added to Instagram by ‘ronnievint’
  3. Isnt it about time we put some new words to ‘Barmy Army Swing’
  4. Maybe Mowbray is being clever - if he says that Chapman and Armstrong are our two main targets then the fees suddenly jump up? I would love us to be after more proven players however would be over the moon if we got these 2 over the line...
  5. If anyone is wanting printing on the back of a infant shirt it isn’t going to be easy! I’ve been told the mind logo is mandatory by the staff in the club shop which vastly reduces the space on the back of the shirt. I have spoken to the EFL who have told me that for retail sales the club can print without a mind logo. I’ll be heading back to the club shop later to try again!
  6. But jack Marriott who has played 1 year in league 1, and is transfer listed, is being valued at over £5m? dack has won league 1 player of the year twice in three years, selling him for £3m would be daylight robbery
  7. Nazon for Coventry & Oldham? To be fair he looked very impressive for Oldham at Ewood, took his goals well
  8. Similar to sheff wed’s “Carlos had a dream” Mowbray had a dream to take this football team to the premier league it’s where we belong with raya in goal and dack in the hole were Blackburn rovers, Venkys are ar**holes OR you could swap it for with dack in the hole graham scoring goals
  9. cant knock his first season with the club. Since then he hasnt been the same, scored a lot of penalties, and a few goals, but nothing on the impact he made in his first year. Great business for the club, re-couping a large amount of the fee paid. We signed a 'hungry striker', and after his goal filled first year, his hunger for goals changed to a hunger for food.
  10. unintesested tonight. Never challanged for the ball. Slow, fat. Kalinic and Di Santo up front please
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