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  1. Assistant manager at the worst club in the A-League is way too good for him. They've got four players I've sort of heard of (and Rudy Gestede, who doesn't deserve Kean).
  2. I got £38m from Newcastle for Brereton in fm20. They immediately got relegated on about 16 points. So yeah, pretty realistic game all told.
  3. We have the players but somehow we are so much worse than the sum of our parts
  4. Ben gets shoulder barged ref having none of it, ten seconds later one of their players gets shoulder barged and free kick given. Whether or not it's in the box shouldn't be relevant, a foul is a foul
  5. When Harvey Elliott becomes an England international experience of playing in this sort of team should stand him in good stead
  6. Twice in 30 seconds the midfielders in defence run forwards too far to try to make a challenge and then get caught out of position - first Johnson and then Buckley...
  7. For the goal they worked the ball right through our team until it was about six of their players running at our back four, completely bypassed the midfield. When I saw their player shaping to shoot I was relieved, I thought it was a mistake as he was miles out and they had the overload. I thought we had got away with one. Don't really think our centre backs could have done anything else. Shocking keeping.
  8. Buckley looks good on the ball going forwards, but he isn't a fullback. Trybull looks tidy as a defensive player but doesn't offer that much else. Bell is awful but I can kind of see why we play him - he is stretching their defence simply by being there and being fast. Dack is neat but not up to speed yet. Dolan and Brereton running at their defenders look the biggest threat.
  9. Bell is playing very far up the pitch so far, with Downing tucking in behind him to cover when he gets forward- it's an interesting set up.
  10. I'm logged into the player and have the stream 'playing', at the moment it's just a title card with the game info and kick off time. I assume coverage will start nearer to kick off.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/jh5dyh/phil_jones_paris_saintgermain/
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