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  1. fwiw football manager has Davenport as a natural left back which means that the scout assigned to rovers and/or the coaching staff think he can/has played there as more than just a makeshift in an emergency. I don't remember actually seeing him do it though.
  2. Well I guess I'll give that J├╝rgen bloke the benefit of the doubt, I'm told he can pick a player.
  3. Honestly, does it even benefit Liverpool? Is this kid going to make the Liverpool starting 11 in his career? Edit - I will add that I'm not worried about Butterworth. Sometimes he isn't going to be great, but he needs minutes in the first team and has shown glimpses in the few he has had to suggest he's worth the effort. 45 today is plenty though.
  4. He spent two seasons wrecking the bundesliga whilst Saka was turning out for Arsenal u23s, bad start to this season sure but he was behind Saka at the Euros.
  5. All these creative players and no movement for them to pick out. Also really struggling to work out how Sancho is so far behind Saka in the pecking order. Did he run over southgates dog or something?
  6. Travis has played right back before? Surely he would be a better choice than Buckley, though I guess that would leave us pretty weak in terms of someone putting the boot in centrally...
  7. Diaz joint top goalscorer in the league (with three other blokes, but still)
  8. I think that the top goalscorers in the championship have seven, BBD on six now is joint second with Solanke of Bournemouth and Mitrovic of Fulham.
  9. Standard looking lineup, Gallagher back in with Dolan and BBD, be interesting to see if he's central or wide. None of the loanees in the 11.
  10. Possibly, but honestly it shouldn't have come down to it. With 90 mins played the Italian centre halves (wonderful players though they are) had a combined age north of 70 and we had a bench full of fast, energetic, attacking players that could have come on and run at them for half an hour. We could (should) have tried to win that game. Southgate wanted the penalties (as proved by the eventual subs purely for the shootout), Southgate got the penalties, we lost. For all the credit he was rightly due to get a team to a final he should have faced a lot more questions about the decisions he made in that final, and if the Poland game shows anything it is that he hasn't learnt from the experience. I stand by what I said in my previous, if we don't learn to attack a bit more when warranted we might reach semi finals, we might reach finals but we wont win them. I think if anything the fact that this squad has so much promise and so much depth is what makes this particularly frustrating for me. Southgate is managing as though he has a very limited pool that he needs to hammer into a consistent 11 around one or two key players, it's unnecessary and stifles one of our main strengths. Goes without saying that I'd love to be proven wrong on all of this, roll on the world cup.
  11. That's fair, I had just watched the highlights and was struck by the contrast in the moment. I hadn't really been playing very close attention to their last few games.
  12. Controlling the game is all well and good, but it's very safe. Pass it sideways, make a triangle and pass it between the three of you a dozen or so times, drop deep to get a touch and pass it back to the guy who passed it to you... If you watch the highlights of, for example, Italy slaughtering Lithuania (very different calibre of opposition I know) and look at how much movement there is - forward runners, players willing to run with the ball, forward passes. England very rarely do it, even against weaker teams. Without belittling Poland, this England team have players that they could only dream of (Lewandowski aside) and yet with however much possession we never really created a clear chance. Kane's strike was wonderful, but it came out of nothing. If he hadn't scored with a moment of individual brilliance then there is a very real chance we lose that game to a stoppage time goal, domination or no. England need to learn to attack a bit more, or else this will become another 'golden generation' who can mix it with the best in the world but will never win a tournament.
  13. Tired team, no subs, conceding a late goal. Very predictable.
  14. In what TM will see as a vindication for his tactical flexibility noted 6'4" winger Gallagher, played in an unorthodox centre forward position, gets a goal and looks a threat.
  15. Poveda reminds me a bit of Rochina, except that we used to be Leeds
  16. Not if there are performance related add ons he isn't. Fill yer boots lad, buy us a centre back! (Disclaimer: I have no clue whether or not there are any performance related add ons. Further disclaimer: if there are then we probably wouldn't see them anyway!)
  17. Theres a 24 year old with 4 Chile caps that I've never heard of, bring him in and really capitalise on the new South American market to flog a few shirts.
  18. so... is the plan with this formation simply 'can we make Dolan a like for like Armstrong replacement so we don't have to tactically compensate for losing our best player'?
  19. I guess if we play with a very narrow front three, use BD and Gally to rough up the defenders and win headers and Dolan's pace to sit on the shoulder of the last defender and run on to flick ons and win second balls? That's clutching at straws and even then would leave Nyambe and Pickering very exposed. Baptism of fire for the new lad I guess.
  20. Yeah that 3 is very much an addition to an off the shelf GK kit. I'm a bit concerned if the club has got the placement wrong on home shirts in the past, we must have the easiest kit to get it right with - there's a bloody centre line for petes sake!
  21. For what its worth (ie. absolutely naff all) Tom Doyle captained my Rovers side to back to back champions leagues in FM20
  22. It would be very England to get to the semi final, have a few of the more obnoxious papers get carried away and then lose. Pretty much the script from the last world cup. Long way to go yet. If you can actually get 7/1 for Belgium that seems crazy value.
  23. subbed off - a decent but not world beating showing, good assist, still clearly not quite on the same wavelength as the rest of the team - I'd say a six or seven out of ten which doesn't sound great until you remember the level he is playing at, at which point this all seems like a bizarre fever dream.
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