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  1. Wisdom of the crowds type thing…what do we predict for the following…? 1. Will Steve Waggott still be at Rovers on 1/7/22 ? If no, date of departure. 2. Will Tony Mowbray still be manager on 1/2/22 ? If no, date of departure. 3. Rovers Player of the Season 21/22 ? 4. Where will Rovers finish the season ? 5. Who will be championship winners ? Reply to this with your predictions & we’ll assess the consensus…👍🏻
  2. It will always be free whilst I have a say…but it can’t be free AND ad-free that’s the crux 👍🏻
  3. Herbie6590

    92 club

    It’s definitely on our backlog…technology has moved on so it would be great to have this in a “sexier” format…👍🏻
  4. If I can be equally honest in return…how can we monetise your contributions so that we can renew the licence & pay the hosting company ?
  5. I’m still waiting for @Madonto post about Assombalonga TBH
  6. “Siri…show me an example of diplomatic language…” 😁
  7. We’ll refund your subscription then…🤣
  8. Herbie6590

    Site adverts

    How the ads are presented is entirely down to Google, we have no control over that. And yes, that’s how we fund the site, so it’s a conundrum. Behind the scenes a *LOT* of work is going on (& it will become abundantly clear quite soon…😉) but right now that is on our list to consider options & alternatives…including but not only an ad-free option for a small monthly subscription.
  9. It wasn’t, City wore Sky Blue. 👍🏻 Palace once wore an all red Rovers away kit at Ewood because of a kit cock up. A photo of that game became the cover of the programme as it showcased 2 Rovers kits…!
  10. Leeds haven’t launched their away kit yet might be the actual reason…
  11. If they resigned there won’t be any severance pay…
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