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  1. The final podcast of the season is a packed three-parter. In Part One, we meet Rovers supporter Sam Grimley from Horizm, who explains how his private life & working life have crossed paths to the benefit of both parties. We learn all about how to optimise digital inventory…no really... In Part Two, Bill Arthur narrates a chapter from Daniel Gray's "Extra Time" - the return of a former player - I bet I can guess who you are picturing when you listen to it. Finally, in Part Three, & the panel of Hollie, Linz, Matt, Mike, Scott & Stuart dissect the season just ended includin
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    What version of iOS are you running on your phone ?
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    Please could you do us a favour & try it using Chrome on your iPhone & report back on here ?
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    Who *doesn’t* want a mini digger though…😉
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    I suspect it is adjacent to zero.
  6. Yes, but they struggle to stay up, Rotherham Utd. https://footballeconomyv2.blogspot.com/2019/12/rotherham-turns-profit.html?m=1
  7. Hoped for Top 6, expected Top 10 & 15th in the end possibly flattered us with the wins over Huddersfield & Birmingham. Potentially 10 departures from the 20 named in the squad yesterday, massive concerns for next season.
  8. The issue is less about “whether”…more about “how” & also I suspect, having a clear & specific objective would I believe help to galvanise support. FWIW - the game on Saturday is so very low-key, the k/o time means news stories from the PL will dwarf any attention as soon as our game ends. It’s in the middle of a pandemic…I just think it’s a flawed approach at this point in time that risks alienating potential supporters of the cause. Some kind of NAPM feels like a much more nuanced campaign that could allow people to register protest in their own, different ways but would be mor
  9. In this context what precisely does “grow a pair” mean ? Ignore the risks of a pandemic ? Risk acquiring a criminal record by committing criminal damage /assault (as some Utd fans did) ? …& that will make our owners sack the manager ? The logic doesn’t bear scrutiny….IMO of course.
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