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  1. Wisdom of the crowds type thing…what do we predict for the following…? 1. Will Steve Waggott still be at Rovers on 1/7/22 ? If no, date of departure. 2. Will Tony Mowbray still be manager on 1/2/22 ? If no, date of departure. 3. Rovers Player of the Season 21/22 ? 4. Where will Rovers finish the season ? 5. Who will be championship winners ? Reply to this with your predictions & we’ll assess the consensus…👍🏻
  2. It will always be free whilst I have a say…but it can’t be free AND ad-free that’s the crux 👍🏻
  3. Herbie6590

    92 club

    It’s definitely on our backlog…technology has moved on so it would be great to have this in a “sexier” format…👍🏻
  4. If I can be equally honest in return…how can we monetise your contributions so that we can renew the licence & pay the hosting company ?
  5. I’m still waiting for @Madonto post about Assombalonga TBH
  6. “Siri…show me an example of diplomatic language…” 😁
  7. We’ll refund your subscription then…🤣
  8. Herbie6590

    Site adverts

    How the ads are presented is entirely down to Google, we have no control over that. And yes, that’s how we fund the site, so it’s a conundrum. Behind the scenes a *LOT* of work is going on (& it will become abundantly clear quite soon…😉) but right now that is on our list to consider options & alternatives…including but not only an ad-free option for a small monthly subscription.
  9. It wasn’t, City wore Sky Blue. 👍🏻 Palace once wore an all red Rovers away kit at Ewood because of a kit cock up. A photo of that game became the cover of the programme as it showcased 2 Rovers kits…!
  10. Leeds haven’t launched their away kit yet might be the actual reason…
  11. If they resigned there won’t be any severance pay…
  12. That’s clearly a last minute change to a shirt with 1 already on it…
  13. Missing a trick if we don’t sell halved base layers in the club shop…
  14. Agreed…the first Rovers kit you ever see imprints on your memory & becomes *the* Rovers kit forever… I always had a soft spot for the Asics/CIS one as it was a terrific update of the classic 60’s kit.
  15. Interesting opinions on here. FWIW my take is that it is a lovely shirt & if I was on holiday in Zurich & saw it in a local sports shop, I’d probably buy it, in the same way I once bought a blue & white halved Nike FC Porto shirt. I confidently predict it will be an outrageous commercial success, especially amongst younger fans but…. As some have already said, dispense with history & tradition at your peril. It looks more like a Grasshoppers shirt than a Rovers shirt. If I ever run the club this will never happen again*…😉 *except for the away kit…have some fun with that by all means…
  16. He’s referencing your profile (which you can change BTW)
  17. The definitive breakdown of Rovers financial position from Swiss Ramble. It doesn’t make pretty reading https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1417004830372122629.html
  18. Crystal Palace in the cup; Barcelona in Europe…
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