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  1. Whilst you are on here, vote for your MOTM from yesterday…👍🏻 https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716955/blackburn-reading
  2. We've been away re-charging our pod batteries but we are back & back with a packed episode. Our star guest interviewee is Tez Ilyas who shares his Rovers supporting history & what it's like to be back on the road, audiences becoming more daring & being mistaken for a Man Utd fan. We hear about fanzine culture with Scott from 4000 Holes & Chris from Turnstiles magazine, Mr & Mrs Arthur explain False Nines in their own inimitable style, we eavesdrop on Steve & Tony's phone calls about fund-raising ideas & find out who shops in Waitrose in West Byfleet. Listen right to the end for a chance to win a special prize ! Apple : https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-brfcs-podcast/id1282664472?i=1000539376400 Overcast (for iOS) : https://overcast.fm/+J_KXB-JOY Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/episode/4sRgSRNwB0tKWICtGRj1jm?si=522e17f0d16d458e Browser : https://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/media/2021-10-22-BRFCS_Episode_144_-_We_Need_To_Tour_Chile_Next_Summer.mp3
  3. Don’t forget to visit Match Centre shortly after full time to vote for the BRFCS MOTM https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716943/qpr-blackburn
  4. A little summary from the front page penned for @loftforwords https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/how's-it-going-so-far.../100
  5. We have been contacted by Ellgren who are trying to track down someone who owns a Rovers, Ellgren, yellow, away replica shirt…do you have one or do you know someone who may have one ? https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/ If you can help, please contact us on this thread or by DM & we can reveal more… Thanks everyone…
  6. Don’t forget to vote for your MOTM to have a chance to win one of two Tony Parkes prints from @TurnstilesMagazine https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716919/blackpool-blackburn
  7. This is the programme where the producers came on here earlier this year soliciting fan videos then appeared not to use any of them…😕
  8. Hi Gav - I’m not looking down on the Mowbray promotion at all, if it came across that way it wasn’t intended. That season rekindled my failing relationship with Rovers specifically & football generally & I loved it, as I did 1975 & 1980. The point I was trying to make (& seemingly failing..🤦‍♂️) is that since 1995/2002 there is a whole generation for whom that promotion season is the high watermark & after enjoying a season of victories, a drab season finishing 15th is poor fare by comparison. Josh made the point higher up that we have a swathe of fans who enjoy beating Oldham in L1 more than struggling against say Middlesbrough in the Championship - I think that’s true. Watching a winning side is hugely enjoyable.
  9. At some point…excuse me…the chickens come home to roost… Not just for Rovers, but for all the Championship clubs not in receipt of parachute payments. A look down the road at Accrington Stanley shows us all what a fully-functioning club looks like where owner, manager & fans all are on the same page. The Championship is a financial basket case where economic madness rules. I too suspect that a whole generation of fans look back on our League One sojourn as a high watermark of entertainment & enjoyment.
  10. I remember once being faxed (ask your parents) a photo from the Telegraph 🤣
  11. Anything & everything Lonsdale. Shabby, awful, dreadful Mike Ashley Jumble Sale tat.
  12. FWIW This viewpoint has also been shared with me on many occasions.
  13. I said he would *get* a new contract because Venky’s would be happy with that…
  14. Looking forward to viewing & participating 👍🏻
  15. Blue & white halved P11ds on sale in the RoverStore soon…
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