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  1. 10 hours ago, tonyoz said:

    PLAYER WATCH v Stoke City

    Each incident in the match was rated on the following scale: 

    +5 GOAL 

    +4 Excellent play 

    +3 Very good play 

    +2 Pleasing/good play 

    +1 Decent play 

      0 Routine stuff 

     -1 Sloppy play 

     -2 Disappointing/poor play 

     -3 Very poor play 

     -4 Terrible play 

     -5 Own goal 

    The ratings for each player were then combined to produce a measure of the players overall contribution to the match. 


    Key incidents per player = coloured stars              Overall contribution = number 

    Kaminski (55)           *******  *     10                                  

    Nyambe                       **************  ***     14 

    Lenihan                        *****************************   ******     33 

    Wharton                       *********************  **     29 

    van Hecke                    *********  ***     11 

    Pickering                      *******  ****     6  

    Travis                             ****************  **********    8 

    Buckley                         *******************  *****    24     

    Rothwell (72)               **********  *****    14   

    Khadra (67)                  *******  **     12 

    Diaz                                 **********  *******    6 


    Pears (55)                     * *     4 

    Dolan (67)                     **  ****     -2    

    Davenport (72)          **     3


    Highlights and Lowlights 

    (A justification for the main ratings given above) 

    04 There’s not a lot happening so far. Kaminski just put the goal-kick straight out! It must be cold over there as Kaminski’s got his red longjohns on!

    06 Vrancic receives the ball in midfield and leaves Travis in his wake. Eventually a cross comes in from the Stoke right wing and Kaminski takes responsibility. He gets a glove on it at the far post to push it well clear as a Stoke man charged in. He receives congratulations from a couple of teammates.

    07 A good, strong, cheer-raising challenge from Lenihan sees the ball fly downfield at high speed.

    08 Good, high pressing from Rovers.

    Neat back-flick into our half from Stoke but Travis stops that nonsense by pulling Brown back by his shirt! Lucky not to get a yellow card for that. Fortunately they stuff up the free-kick by fouling Diaz when it looked dangerous.

    10 Wharton puts through a glorious length of the field pass into the inside left channel for Diaz to chase. The keeper comes out to meet him and from 20m Diaz tries to bend the ball round him with the outside of his right foot. Sadly it bends too much, missing the right post by a metre or so. A good run but, on his current form, a slightly disappointing finish.

    11 More good pressing from Rovers and Khadra forces Stoke to concede a throw-in. 

    12 Nice distribution from van Hecke finds Buckley on halfway. He goes on a good run and squares the ball to Rothwell who tries a shot from 25m. It’s a poor effort and way off-target.

    13 More good pressing, this time Buckley forces the hurried clearance.

    15 Travis wins the ball in midfield and Buckley takes it up gliding past the Stoke man with ease. Diaz is in acres of space to the left but Buckley’s pass is poor and intercepted.

    Rothwell wins the ball in midfield and Travis takes it on before squaring to Diaz just outside the box. He nutmegs the defender who then crashes into him and both fall to the floor. No foul but the commentators are incredulous, Mowbray appeals with arms widespread.

    17 Nyambe gives the ball away and Stoke attack. They make their way into the box and Lenihan gets his foot in, allowing Travis to boot clear. Dangerous….all stemming from that sloppy Nyambe pass. 

    Lovely long pass by van Hecke and one of the Stoke defenders slips allowing Khadra to take the ball. He gets Nyambe involved on the right wing but the move fizzles out and Stoke clear.

    18 Rothwell drives forward from our own half and from 30m slides the perfect ball for Khadra to chase into the box. He tries to lob the ball to the far post where Nyambe is waiting but a defender just gets the slightest of touches to put the full-back off and the ball bounces harmlessly off the top of Nyambe’s head! 

    20 Lenihan is winning a lot of aerial challenges. Here goes another one!

    22 A long ball comes into the box and a back-pedalling Lenihan heads out but only to a Stoke player. Nyambe, Wharton and Travis are all trying to kick the ball out of the D but the ball refuses to leave! Finally, it rolls back to Vrancic who shoots but he doesn’t catch it cleanly and Kaminski saves comfortably.

    23 Another nice long pass from van Hecke finds Diaz on the left wing. He controls well and lays it off to Pickering. Lots of players get touches but it’s not dangerous. Buckley gets the ball just outside the box and tries to glide past several defenders but he loses the ball and the attack collapses.

    27 Rothwell picks up the ball on the centre spot and hares downfield leaving 3 or 4 defenders in his wake. He goes to curl the ball into the bottom right corner from the D but it’s comfortably wide. It would have been a fantastic goal but, in truth, it was a disappointing end!

    31 Travis tackles from behind 18m out on the Stoke left wing conceding a free-kick. 

    Kaminski punches the incoming cross clear.

    34 Buckley receives the ball from a throw and goes on a mazy run through Stoke’s half before releasing to Khadra in the D but he is quickly dispossessed

    Khadra, on halfway, lobs a lovely long ball to Diaz near the D but he can’t control it and Stoke get the ball back.

    36 Rovers are keeping the press on and the home supporters are baying their disapproval at Stoke’s lack of ambition. Great stuff!

    38 A lot of poor passes going begging. Travis this time.

    39 Buckley and Travis put in weak challenges in our midfield and Stoke move forward. Nyambe intercepts in the box and Lenihan boots clear.

    41 We continue to hoof long balls down to Khadra. On this rare occasion we benefit as Khadra is fouled! The free kick comes to nothing, however, as Khadra receives and tries to beat one defender too many.

    42 Rothwell receives on halfway and moves forward. He does a nice 1-2 with Khadra before feeding Pickering on the left side of the box. He crosses but it’s just too far ahead of Diaz. Nyambe chases and wins the ball and releases to Khadra but his cross is just too high. Nyambe receives again as we maintain the pressure and he wins a corner. Eventually it all fizzles out as Rothwell is caught offside.

    HALF TIME: not a great game of football but I enjoy watching our home-grown players (and the other youngsters) earn their spurs. 


    46 Lots of short passes as we work our way upfield until that one careless pass ends it all….Travis at fault this time. Stoke storm forwards. When the cross comes in Nyambe chests it down to Kaminski.

    49 From a throw-in, Stoke work their way across field to their right wing. The winger cuts inside Pickering and Rothwell is ball-watching as the ball is squared to Sawyers just outside the D. His shot is low and may just have been going in by our left hand post. Kaminski got down well to save it anyway with a full length dive...but he’s injured himself! Corner!

    50 The ball comes in and Nyambe is beaten in the air, it’s bouncing around until Wharton hoofs it downfield. The ball comes back and Vrancic on the wing teases Wharton as he approaches the box. Wharton can’t get an effective challenge in but he does enough to put Vrancic off and the shot, from the D, is well wide. Stoke are complaining that Wharton had the last touch. Goal kick.

    51 Diaz controls the long ball and lays off to Buckley who tries to beat 2 men but is quickly dispossessed in the centre circle. Buckley chases after the ball and an attempted Stoke clearance hits him and bounces to Khadra halfway in the Stoke half. He controls the ball on his knee and runs forward with 4 defenders around him. Diaz is occupying 2 of them and, from the right edge of the D, he unleashes a fantastic shot low and hard into the back of the net. Out of the blue that one!

    55 Kaminski hasn’t recovered from his injury so he’s off and Pears is on.

    57 One of Rothwell’s trademark tackles from behind…..conceding a free-kick.

    Nice tackle by Buckley on our right wing sends Khadra away but he stands on the ball and possession is lost. Stoke counter-attack. Wharton prevents the cross coming in but it’s a corner. 

    All eyes on Pears! Thirteen men in the box! Pears runs to the front post to punch the ball out of play. Good lad. But it’s another corner! They take it short but stuff up and Travis runs it clear. He lays off to Diaz who pushes the ball well into the Stoke half and it’s a kick and chase against 2 defenders. Diaz may not be favourite to get there first but they have to foul him and it’s a free-kick 30m out. Good stuff, that got the fans screaming!

    Rothwell puts in a great cross, Wharton goes up but it’s a fraction too high. It falls to Lenihan immediately behind him 1m from the byline, on the edge of the 6 yard box. He strikes the ball first time and I swear it’s going in until Chester, on the goal line, gets something on it to keep it out. Amazing! Lenihan and Diaz calling for a hand-ball penalty but they’re ignored.

    61 Buckley wins the ball in Stoke’s half, drives forward and wins a corner.

    67 Dolan on, Khadra off.

    70 Rothwell puts a lovely long ball down the right wing for Dolan to chase…...Oh! Dolan is easily outpaced by the Stoke man. We don’t often see that! It looked as if Dolan was struggling!

    71 Rothwell repeats the same pass to Dolan but this time he’s on his own. He gets a cross in but it’s headed away.

    72 Rothwell off, Davenport on.

    73 A few nice touches from Buckley recently. Here he flicks a throw-in for Dolan to chase to the byline but Dolan’s offside…...then he gets booked for holding on to the ball.

    74 Nice threaded ball down the line from Nyambe for Dolan to chase and this time he isn’t out-paced by Chester. Dolan runs to the box, beats his man and is brought down. Yellow card for Chester. Well done. Pickering’s free-kick is too close to the keeper who collects easily.

    78 Travis loses the ball in midfield and Stoke attack. It looks dangerous until Wharton puts in a fine interception off the toes of a Stoke man in our box. 

    84 Lenihan takes a free kick just inside Stoke’s half. He flights it beautifully across field to Dolan who controls well and beats his man. He runs into the box but his shot is disappointingly well off target.

    86 Buckley picks up the ball just inside the Stoke half, on the right. He draws 3 men towards him before sliding a perfect ball to Diaz in the box. He only has the goalie to beat, from 12m out, but the keeper saves with his knees. Very similar to the situation where he scored the scorcher against Bristol…..but not such a tight angle.

    88 Pickering joins Nyambe, both being booked for time-wasting at a throw-in!

    89 Buckley sets off on a run but is clattered midway in the Stoke half. Yellow card for Wilmot.

    90 Diaz booked for time-wasting. SEVEN nervy minutes of extra time!

    93 Stoke work the ball forward and from 40m Tymon whips in a wicked, Buckleyesque ball on to the penalty spot where Vrancic (I think) meets it as van Hecke challenges. Pears had started to come for the cross and was slightly wrong-footed but he makes a great save low down to put the ball over the bar. Van Hecke let the Stoke man get the wrong side of him but maybe managed to put him off a bit!

    Lenihan heads away the corner comprehensively! He was fouled too. Rovers fans in full-voice now!

    94 Diaz offside. Stoke launch the ball long, a cross comes in and Nyambe heads away. But it comes straight back…...Tymon on the Stoke left flights the ball to the far post where Fletcher rises to beat Wharton and heads square across goal …..it’s panic time in the 6 yard box as Davenport throws himself into the air and misses everything and van Hecke manages to kick clear. Stoke regain possession until Buckley robs Vrancic and sends Dolan scampering down the wing. Eventually Buckley runs it out of play near the corner flag.

    95 Travis just fails to pick the pass to send Diaz clear. Rovers looking tired now and it’s boot it as far away as you can time!

    A huge roar erupts as the Stoke fans disagree with the Man of the Match award!

    97 Full-time whistle! The usual nerve-wracking final few minutes but I enjoyed that. Rovers are turning into a proper, likeable (and young) team but still lots of rough edges.

    I’m not the first to make this observation, but this kind of insight (whilst subjective) I find utterly fascinating 👍🏻

  2. 7 hours ago, bazza said:

    Oh dear. I don't know what I can do about it.

    However I have discovered that it is only the bottom inch of the tab where the cursor fails to activate a link. If I move the link up to 2 inches above the bottom it works perfectly. Also seems to be only on BRFCS site.

    A screen shot may not be of help.

    @StubbsUKhas a theory…a screenshot would potentially confirm 👍🏻

  3. On 20/11/2021 at 19:16, bazza said:

    I upgraded from Big Sur to Monterey last week when it offered the upgrade. 

    And what is meant by Beta releases?

    Beta - It’s still being tested for bugs before a full commercial release. Apple offers it to developers before a full release to get feedback on bugs & also allow developers to future proof their apps etc to ensure compatibility.

    I’m speculating as to whether this is a bug as the issue isn’t present in Bug Sur…🤔

  4. 3 hours ago, bazza said:

    It's at it again. Reading the last page of the Bristol City thread, up pops a new comment. I click on "Show reply" and nothing happens. Previous, Next and chevrons work ok.

    Isn’t Mac OS 12.0.1 still in Beta ? I’ve just checked my Mac & 11.6.1 is the latest update…



  5. 2 hours ago, den said:

    Seems to be smaller on forum.

    We’ve not knowingly changed anything…please could you advise device, operating system & browser & the gurus can advise further 👍🏻

  6. 5 minutes ago, bazza said:

    I can read a page of a topic but to go to the next page (click on NEXT) does nothing.

    "Go to topic listing" also doesn't work. There is a tab on the right labelled "privacy" which I have opened and agreed but it is still there.

    I have a Mac book and recently upgraded to  Mac OS Monterey. I've shut down and restarted but to no avail.


    Please could you advise which version of Mac OS & which browser ? Thx 

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