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  1. He probably has done once in his long career though, maybe even when he has been here. Not sure there would have been a detailed examination on here mind.
  2. Agreed, that ball is a quality pass and shows what he can do. The rest however is very basic midfield play that even Corry Evans would achieve during 90 minutes. Nice to give the lad some praise though as he has been pretty ordinary so far.
  3. Openly ripping the piss out of us now. More or less goading us that he will not be going anywhere. Shithouse.
  4. I like to think I'm pretty calm and philosophical when watching us these days. However, that half I found myself shouting 'This is shite Mowbray!!' at the screen and my heart rate still hasn't settled. I am sick to the back teeth of these bastards (from the manager to the owners) ripping the piss out of us.
  5. That's a step up from how he looked chewing his pen then. Mind you he looks the type to chew crayons.
  6. Need you to pen a new bluesy Venky ditty Len. You have enough material to fill an album to be honest.
  7. It goes hand in hand with him suddenly bigging us up as a club and how proud he is to manage us. You can bet he's been tipped off on all the criticism and has u turned accordingly to try to buy some time.
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