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  1. If Harwood Bellis ever gets in the City side I will plait shite. What a bad un.
  2. Yeah, I'm half expecting him to run out with an A4 clipboard in his hands and a pen behind his ear.
  3. Don't know if it was just me but I ended up reading that quote in a Cumbernauld accent
  4. You're probably right. However there's even less of an excuse to stick with someone who is not only failing on the pitch, but is (IMO) also totally complicit in these affairs off the pitch.
  5. If they had turned up and done bugger all there's a damn good chance they'd be presiding over a 100 million pound business, player assets close to that, a fanbase at least double of now and a debt nowhere near the current levels. That would have been enough if a build for me.
  6. Jack's motto was 'Think big' and his legacy to us was with that motto underpinning everything he left. Yet, you, in your comments, are endorsing downscaling and accepting mediocrity. It's the polar opposite of everything Jack stood for. That is his legacy.
  7. Rumour has it if you took a few words out of that quote that statement would be pretty true
  8. Christ......this could be the making of him and that's his opening gambit
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