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  1. It was said on here a couple of months ago that the new plan was to sell the training ground and rent it back while 'looking for alternatives' (that never materialise). There is no doubt in my mind that will happen within the next 2 years tops.
  2. I had us to lose that so a point is a good result and can't argue with 6th place so far. I do think we're 'getting away with it' up until now and a downturn is just around the corner.
  3. Yep I'm having that. Problem is, the mental side isn't easily changed. I like the lad and think he has something about him but I'm not sure he has the bottle to succeed.
  4. I will give the manager credit for the substitutions. However, this is offset by the insipid way we started both halves where we should be revved up from the manager's Churchillian motivation. That applies even more to the half time talk after one of the worst halves of football ever seen at Ewood - we were arguably worse after the break.
  5. That's a fair point. He was blowing out his arse on 80 mins, still think he changed the game though.
  6. Now we're playing!!! Butterworth and Khadra playing without fear and driving forward at will. Great to see.
  7. Lovely from Butterworth. Every time I see him he impresses me.
  8. Bucko bombs again after another start. I think the lad has some talent but he just can't continue to pass up opportunities.
  9. For me Josh Magennis is one of the worst strikers in this league, but he'd walk into our team.
  10. I believe he was at fault for Bolton's equaliser as well.
  11. It's harder to stomach that there are plenty of so called fans that accept it
  12. Gallagher has form for messing up when ahead in the final minute, he did the same against PNE in the relegation year. As a footballer the lad is as thick as pigshit
  13. Especially Charley Hull........
  14. Harry Leslie Pickering. Jesus, did his parents hate him at birth?
  15. Yep, I was screaming at the vid asking Bayes to put that to him on the timeline. Nice and easy from good old Andy though, gotta toe the line.
  16. Just read that journeyman Paul Mullin actually turned us down before joining the mighty Wrexham. Now, it wasn't the most reliable source but that really hits home if true.
  17. The same Waggott who said we were lucky to have Tony Mowbray at a FF meeting? The same Waggott who sanctioned 'that' flag?
  18. Not having Burke, he's a shit Stuart Ripley. And Rippers is over 50 now.
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