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  1. There was only an obligation to buy when certain criteria was met. I far as I'm aware this wasnt met. This was appearances etc. The agreed price was £750,000
  2. Apologies, when I say free, I mean his contract ends as of May 2021. We will still need to pay compensation to Arsenal via a tribunal if we did sign him... Unless we sort out a fee with Arsenal prior (wont be alot.)
  3. Rovers are after Ben Sheaf. Dont know alot about him. Currently on loan from Arsenal at Coventry. Young, CM, keeps the ball ticking over. Played 29 times this season in the champ before getting injured, now fit but Coventry wont play him as agreement in place that they will pay a fee to take him perm when he hits a certain amount of apperances. Contract expries May 2021. Potential free transfer, young, cheapish wages, championship experience. Room for growth.
  4. There not going to put a mowbray out ad going around Ewood are they??
  5. Does anyone know how much it costs for the plane banners?
  6. Can we get this plane banner sorted? Hes really pissing me off.
  7. Dont worry, those comments were said after the Bournemouth game. Theres still hope 🤣
  8. If hes sacked today, is it OK for me to drink Whiskey in the morning?
  9. Once they submit their company accounts (like everyone else,)the embargo will be lifted. Bit of a non story to be honest. All 10 clubs have until the end of May to submit their company accounts.
  10. To be fair, Andy Bayes gave it a good go today before he was shut down by TM. His pre match comments were spot on aswell.
  11. Get a banner flown over Ewood. Thats the only thing we could do currently.
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