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  1. You can blame them aswell. The least i expect 100% commitment every game. We are not getting that.
  2. Wtf is this, didnt realise i was on british bake off forum. TM sending people into the abyss
  3. Seen this doing the rounds. If you have twitter give it a little vote.
  4. Dont watch the interview on Rovers twitter. He genuinely sounds happy 😳
  5. Odd this, how long does it usually take him to come out with dribble at the end of the game?
  6. All ive been told is Waggot is retiring early, pushed for the other annoucements,but as of yet, not heard back.
  7. Just trying to find out the reliability of the source now. The person who has screenshotted me the message isnt someone to bullshit.
  8. Just been told that Waggot is taking early retirement and that several annoucments are due from the club in the coming weeks.... please say they are potting TM!
  9. Sorry lads, but hes not going anywhere. Do you even think Venkys watch the game? Waggot will just feed them shit
  10. Well thats it, Nayambe deffo off. Losing a quality player in Nayambe. 👍 Mowbray. Hes not injured is he?
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