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  1. Unfortunately i can only see this going one way now. Back 5 with Buckley as wing back is not that way to go. Magloire is a liability aswell.
  2. Slow, pedestrian football. No intensity to rovers game. Dolan the only one who has tried to make things happen. Two very poor teams tonight.
  3. I suppose legend in my eyes as hes been at Rovers since he was 6, not based on what he has achieved at the club yet.
  4. Thats fine, I agree with this. Incompetent owners will make bad decisions.
  5. Its not fake news. There were comments from Rovers fans saying they are doing a good job and to trust them. People were also saying top 10 is a good season, may aswell finish 19th, makes no difference what so ever. Its like the ambition of Rovers fans has been sucked out of them.
  6. Probably would is the same as give him a new contract, is it not?
  7. People in that Rovers chat live saying Mowbray and Waggot have done a good job, I could cry. People saying if we finish top 10 give him a new contract WOW.
  8. Listening to Rich & Crooke doesnt sound great about getting anyone else in. Same old shit
  9. Maja not happening - rich & jaquob just said. Next lol
  10. Why did we sign him for another year? Just sell him.
  11. Give me Tommy Doyle and Josh Maja and ill be on the whiskey.
  12. Why am I holding on to hope of Josh Maja? Just put me out of my misery.
  13. Need a striker on a perm. None of this loan bullshit.
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