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  1. Anywhere between 12-15m plus A striker on loan with wages paid is a good deal at this stage ,Rovers are Screwed without a cash injection Armstrong will not be the same player last season to this and we need this circus to end
  2. Didn’t know that ..wow .. shame he was highly rated when a youngster at Liverpool
  3. Saw that Jordan Ibe has had his contract cancelled at Derby , personally I think if if AA does leave then Diaz 😁 should play as central striker so we could probably do with another wide forward
  4. Just to add that most of our younger fans who throw that word about haven’t actually seen a legend yet in a rovers shirt so have nothing to compare them to .. if you consider Bennett a legend then Simon Garner sits the right side of the All mighty having his feet massaged and fed grapes by Cleopatra herself
  5. Kevin Davies takes some beating but a few other worth a mention Barry Ferguson for crying back off to Scotland because basically he wasn’t as good as he Souness or us thought Matty Holmes , completely the wrong signing for a team that’s just won the league sent out all the wrong messages Danny Murphy , possibly the most disappointing signing of all time Bradley Orr , complete twat sorry for language but the word fits him perfectly
  6. Or sell AA to Soton for £10m give Newcastle their cut and then we pay £1m for someone like Che Adams
  7. Poor , we have regressed this Season despite a much better squad I have always been a supporter of Mowbray but this Season has proved to be very disappointing and TM has to take the responsibility for that , personall I think he should resign and let whatever is left of his reputation in tact let’s not forget this is the guy that almost saved us from the drop , reunited the fan base built a team that made us proud to be Rovers supporters again whilst getting us promoted out of L1 at first attempt and then consolidated us as Championship team
  8. Just while we are getting nostalgic , I have seen somewhere a photo card I.d of my grandfather for away travel (must have in 70’s as he died in 1980) does anybody remember them or why they were necessary
  9. My uncle said he and my grandfather listened to it on the radio , he said it’s was the one and only time he saw his father weep a little
  10. Best business we can do this January is to tie down players like Rothwell Holtby and Nyambe , anything else is a bonus
  11. I know it’s too early to say and trust me I am old enough to know better but this window really has got me buzzing , I genuinely think this (if all our main players stay fit) team/squad is promotion material . its the best window we’ve had since PL days , when we got related and signed the likes of Murphy Etuhu Rhodes etc I was initially very confident of promotion even though “he” was manager , obviously that went to rat shit but this feels even more promising It’s just a bloody shame we won’t be there to watch it
  12. Just a decent left back shy of a really good window imo . If the Norwegian fella comes on a free it means we’ve dramatically improved our back 5 for very little outlay (in fees at least anyway) and Mowbray and his team must deserve some credit
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