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  1. Brilliant day and a fantastic result! My Birthday was the day after too!
  2. Amazing day! I was there and regard it as my favourite ever game I've been to since I have supported the club!
  3. McCarthy was influencial at times last season, not for his work rate, but for the amount of goals he scored. When he scored 24 goals in the 2006-07 season, McCarthy was still not hardworking as he is simply not that type of player, but there is still no question of his class and quality. Him and Roberts formed a decent partnership at times last season (especially at Ewood around Christmas time) so to let McCarthy leave would be ridiculus. Also, on Sky Sports News a few weeks ago, they were showing which strikers in the Premier League had the best conversion rates last season. Owen was first with a 0.29 conversion rate with McCarthy second with 0.28. McCarthy can't last ninety minutes but he grabs goals and that is what Rovers need.
  4. I keep my programmes in boxes, but there are so many of them that I could do with a proper storage place.
  5. Thanks for your advice, but I think I might leave it and and hopefully the club may stock some soon.
  6. Both home and away programmes over the last few seasons.
  7. Hello, It would be much appreciated if someone could possibly sell me a Blackburn Rovers programme binder, as there are none available from the club shop and they have no intentions of getting any. With a large collection of programmes, I believe that a binder will provide excellent storage for my programmes and if anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Andre has done really well this season at right back, as he is a central defender and is playing out of position. He has been really influencial in our survival battle, and has scored two stoppage time winners this season at Everton and at home to Spurs, albeit from a yard out. He's been a great addition to the club and I hope he does well in the rest of his career. Emerton can fill in the gab which Andre has left at right back, but Sam really does need to buy another right back to provide some strength in depth in case Emerton is injured.
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