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  1. It’s just white noise. you had weeks to sign a striker, not a day. You lose your top striker and you sign no one, there is literally no excuse for it.
  2. As long as Gallagher plays through the middle, you can get as many ‘forwards’ as you want. For me he is the key.
  3. What position do you think the surprise mystery signing will be in?
  4. Everything I’ve read about this guy suggests he is equally strong in midfield as he is at left back. clever signing at 500k, think this also means we have money for a striker. Quite excited to see who we get now.
  5. Two issues with your hypotheticals… 1. He signed for Leeds when they were in the championship, having never played a single competitive game- 40k a week??? I’ve seen it listed as 11k and that seems reasonable. 2. A selling club would spin it as higher…hmmm…why would we as are giving 40 per cent of the profits to Newcastle! From media reports it’s going to be close to 20 million for Armstrong. I know we have lots of incompetent people on the staff but you can use better examples then these two.
  6. You may be right but I doubt it. We are cutting costs with salaries so I can’t see us paying a loan fee plus making him our highest paid player.
  7. It’s the hope that kills you! I would agree with you…but he will probably only pay 10 games this season!
  8. Wonderful result. however our bench looks dire. We need reinforcements. All over the pitch Id say. Special mention for Dolan, he is 19 and once he develops his goal scoring and when to pass we have a top top player on our hands. pickering- first game at this level and did not look out of place, he also loves a tackle (what the hell was the yellow card for in the first half??!!)
  9. Not sure if this is some kind of joke or not. The lad scored three and got two assists last year. Showed flashes of brilliance in the first half of last year. Shockingly his form dipped after his best mate committed suicide. got him on a free and he has just turned 19 so I’m sure his limited game can be improved.
  10. Ings is 29. Those five years are monumental. How much will Ings be worth aged 32? 7-10 million? Armstrong in three years will be 27 and at his peak, resale will be considerably higher if he performs. second part I agree with, but again Ings has had two career threatening injuries, makes him a huge risk.
  11. Haven’t posted for a while, but what a depressing start to a new season. for the record I think we will survive…but only just. I also think our youth players will shine. Our first 11 is easily good enough to compete but bench…sheesh.
  12. I don’t know what to do with this, partly because this must be true. The man who tried to get donors to pay for his childcare, cuts child benefits for the poorest in society, how does he relate with working class people?
  13. Classic Tony, when the result doesn’t matter he will win a few games. Happy with the win but he still needs shifting
  14. Is it bad of me to say that I didn’t know we were playing today and the result didn’t impact me in anyway. Depressing that I feel this way about the club I love.
  15. Did they both not target top six this season or was that a dream I had? Also this nonsense of developing players, I agree Den, you do both. At the moment he seems to be developing players alright...the ones who play for other clubs!
  16. I listened to two mins of that interview and switched off. That was directed at Venkys and no one else. The bit I’m confused is he kept saying only three clubs get promoted and you need to spend 100 million to get promoted. Well issue with that is that there are four play off positions and then there are clubs who are in a position to at least challenge for those positions. Where are we?? doesn’t care if we are 9th or 16th...we the fans care and I pray Venkys care too.
  17. Hope you are right. So based on what you are saying, the final straw just got broke off the camels back. I honestly believe that with a decent manager we have a top 6 squad. I would want someone proven like Wilder or someone up and coming/foreign.
  18. I disagree, at the start of this season I could see some style of play and some good signings. At the start of this bad run we were a few points of the play offs. A number of us wanted to see how this season progressed. We have regresssed. He needs to go. Captain Hindsights are not needed, especially if you want to unite the club, we all want the same thing.
  19. The only thing that is certain is that we will make another five changes for the next game. 1 win in 14 is awful. Mark my words we will win 3-4 on the bounce soon and Mr Confident will be talking play offs for next season.
  20. I gave up on Tony many many weeks ago, this is torture now. I literally haven’t bothered to watch a game for a while. All I know is anyone making four or five changes in every game...recipe for disaster.
  21. If he plays Gally through the middle, then this is an interesting experiment. Tyrbull has looked ok and we have certainly got ballers in Dack and Buckley. This can go brilliantly or disastrously wrong. I want Dolan to do we today, I think he deserves a shot.
  22. When is this undefeated streak that Tony is thinking is going to happen...going to happen? Two kids at centre back, a new formation and a truckload of changes...when will Venkys pull the plug?
  23. Lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. We have barely created a few chances in the last few games. He does have a point with injuries...however if you had a style of play that you truly believed in then you would play that in every game. You can't say we should be top six at the start of the season and when by Feb we are ten points adrift, expect criticism. Mowbray needs to go, but he won't. So we can only hope that we stay clear of injuries.
  24. Play your best team, play a system and you'll win games if your players are decent aka Derby County atm. This is a sorry shambles. Can anyone predict next week's first 11? I could name about 6 and after that it's anyone's guess.
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